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Repair and disassembly guides for GE Microwave ovens.

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Is it safe to bypass the monitor switch

I have a GE over the range microwave that started blowing fuses. I've tracked the problem to the monitor switch that is not working correctly die to the plastic housing being slightly worn.

I've disconnected the monitor switch and the microwave works fine. Note that I do not open the door while it's running anymore and either let it finish it's cycle or press cancel.

My question is - Is this safe to use it this way for me and the microwave?

From what I understand as long as I don't open the door while it's running it should be fine, but I certainly may have it wrong.

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It is generally not recommended to bypass or tamper with safety features on appliances, especially with microwaves. The monitor switch, also known as the door interlock switch, is an important safety mechanism that prevents the microwave from operating when the door is open. By disconnecting or bypassing this switch, you are effectively disabling a safety feature.

Opening the door while the microwave is running can pose serious risks. Although you mentioned that you are now careful not to open the door while it's running, accidents can happen and you may have others in your household who are not as careful as you are, and it's important to consider the potential consequences.

I would instead recommend replacing that switch. If you have your model number I can find and recommend the part that you'll need and (maybe) find a guide to walk you through it.

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Thank you for your reply! You have pretty much confirmed the conclusion I came to, which is great. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything.

I replaced the switch already, but the fuse blew again, leading me to find that it is not the switch but the latch board housing that I'll need to replace.

It's only me living with it right now so Im not too worried about opening while its running. I have a sign on the front to remind me 😆. I'll prob replace it at some point but was curious if I was missing anything.

Thanks again


The monitor switch on my Samsung does not turn off the microwave when the door opens; that safety function is handled by two other door switches. The function of the monitor switch is to short the hot wire to the common and blow the main fuse (or open the circuit breaker) in the event the door is opened and the other two door switches fail.

So removing the monitor switch will change nothing in the operation of a healthy microwave oven.


Further to my comment, if you open the door and the microwave continues to run, you are not looking at a monitor switch problem and should not use the microwave.


Hi @richardbeach

Removing the monitor switch effectively disables another safety feature in the oven.

The monitor switch (N.C type switch) is also a part of the safety feature as it shorts out the HV transformer's primary winding when the door is open, thereby preventing the HV circuit from operating and allowing harmful microwave radiation from escaping the oven cavity through the open door

This is in conjunction with the primary and secondary door interlock switches not being operated (N.O. type switch) preventing any power being supplied to the HV circuit when the door is opened,

Triple safety feature if you prefer



So the monitor switch serves a tx grounding function every time the door opens? Or is it a fully redundant device? Btw, I am replacing all 3 NSs in the machine because it's cheap and I can't locate an intermittent fault that is blowing a fuse once a month.....


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