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Der iMac G5 hat den PowerPC G5 Prozessor, dieser wurde erstmals im August 2004 veröffentlicht.

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Where can I get iMac power supplies rebuilt?

I know where to get the kits for rebuilding G5 iMac power supplies but I have about five or six burned units and I would rather just send them off and get a group price on repairing them. It would be nice to just have them in stock. Has anyone had any experience with having these rebuilt with new capacitors?

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Hello Richard, I know you are always on the lookout for iMac PS

repair. Here is a link to a source I found that does repairs for $59.

You might want to check them out. Ralph


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I've ordered from these folks a couple of times now and have collected nine supplies to send in, four for rebuilding and the rest for trade in for $25 credit each. Shipping was priority and free to get the units.


Checked the site shown above. Re repairs: it now states "We no longer sell or repair power supplies."


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I have rebuilt power supplies for a powermac g4 or two, but the iMac power supplies are smaller, and much simpler, so you could do a pretty easy repair by yourself, i would try it, if i had an iMac G5, but i have heard too many bad things about the iMac G5's for me to want to buy and fix one.

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When you show people the blown up cans on a G5 people they will trade you the machine for the diagnostic fee. But I have always just replaced the power supplies. Average cost of about $109.00


@technocreative what does that have to do with the question or answer on here?


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I have rebuilt 4 iMac G5 power supplies, and it is not too hard to replace the capacitors. The most challenging is just clearing the holes of solder.

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$60 seems very reasonable for the repair of a power supply.

I now have a 1.8GHz iMac G5 that is showing instabilities (on a rebuilt supply) and while the mother-board capacitors look fine, they seem to run too hot and I will replace those. My other 3 G5 iMacs (1.6GHz) are doing fine and their motherboard capacitors seems to run a lot cooler.

All 4 rebuilt power supplies are doing fine.

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