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Improved version of the existing USB to Lightning cable

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Can you make a USB-C to USB-C cable from 2 USB-C to Lightning cables?

With several old USB-C to Lightning cables and now no need for the lighting side of them, is it possible to cut off the lighting ends of two cables and splice them together to make a longer USB-C to USB-C cable?

It seems like with the circuitry and resistors already in place on the factory USB-C ends it would be a simple strip and solder job on the corresponding wires, but wanted to check with wiser minds here before trying.

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Hi @spiralingshape

Here's a link showing the pinout for a USB-C cable.

This should help you to wire a USB-C connector in at the other end of the cable.

Not sure what you mean by "...with the circuitry and resistors already in place on the factory USB-C ends..." though.

There's only wires in the cables unless you meant in the USB-C controllers in the devices that they connect to.

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Thanks! Regarding the ends of the cable, I assume there is circuitry in there to manage power and data properly. I also assume that if those ends are left alone (only splicing wires in the middle one-to-one) everything should function correctly. Just making sure I'm not missing something that might be in those cables that wouldn't allow for this type of combining.



All the power management is done by the USB-C controllers in the devices depending on what wire has a signal on it from the other end.

Click on the link underneath the pinout for more information about specific USB-C cable types as they can vary.

Just make sure that you don't reverse any connections i.e. wrong wire on wrong pin when testing from end to end


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this might be helpful to you

USB-C to lightning wiring diagram

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Thanks, I saw that one, but since this isn't touching the ends of the cables, only soldering the wires in the middle, I wasn't sure if it was as simple as that or if there were any considerations about the cable functioning properly.


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