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Apples Nachfolger des 30-poligen Docking-Anschlusses. Dieses Kabel wird seit der Einführung des Anschlusses im Jahr 2012 mit den meisten mobilen Apple-Produkten mitgeliefert.

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USB-C to lightning wiring diagram

Hello iFixers 🙌

I have two broken Apple Lightning cables. One is a USB to Lightning and the other one is USB-C to Lightning.

I'm more or less ok with the first one and it's wiring diagram - it has 4 wires just like the new replacement connectors I got from AliExpress 😁

Block Image

However with a USB-C to Lightning I feel way less confident - this one has an additional blue wire and here I need your help - maybe someone could share a proper wiring diagram for this case?

Block Image

Thanks in advance 🙏

P.S.:here are the pics of the new connector

Block Image

Block Image

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@insympathy can you post an image of the replacement connector? For now what I have is

Red <==> Positive

White<==> D-

Green<==> D+

Blue<==> Listed as "CC" (maybe sensor wire for Apple's authentication IC (2V?)


Hey 👋 thanks for answering 👍

I added pics of the new connector to the original post because I fall led to find a way to add pics to the comments


@insympathy you can't -) Pictures can only be added to answers and question. You did the right thing :-)


@insympathy looks like that connector doesn't have the connection needed for the blue CC line. You could try and solder the four cables without the blue one and see what happens. I thinks your Apple device may not like it because it can't verify that this is the "right" cable.


Did this work with the usb-c cable?

Because i used to customize the cables with paracord to make the more durable, but never did manage to venture to the usb-c ones.


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@insympathy looks like you need a different connector or you could try to "rig it" but it would require some good soldering skills :-)

Here is what I get for the wires

Block Image

If nothing else you get the USB-C pins from it:

Ground <==> pin 1

Red <==> Pin 9 VBus

White<==> Pin 7 D-

Green<==> Pin 6 D+

Blue<==> Pin 5 CC1

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Thanks man 🙏 ordered an additional set of 5-pin connectors that support fast charge. Will fix an older USB to Lightning for now 🙌


@insympathy That's the spirit!



Let's fix things and save our hard earned money.


Couldn't agree more 🙌


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