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I washed my Shuffle in the laundry... is there any hope?

Being the idiot I am, I washed my Shuffle. In the laundry machine. With detergent. While it was still on. And I didn't even notice I had washed it (as in: it was still on) until about an hour after the wash cycle ended.

I left it alone to dry for a week in the open air, but it responds to nothing. What else can I do to save my Shuffle, if saveable?

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Put in the dryer, like I did (inadvertently, just like in the washer.)

Noticed in my pocket a few days later. Thought to myself, good thing I have the iPod Touch for music...

Darn thing works fine. So do the earbuds.

Kinda surprised, was I.


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ChristinaT, don't beat yourself up over it. Do a search on here and you will find that you are not alone. Anyhow, the repair of this is tricky, due to the size of this device. The first thing that I would do is try to disassemble it right down to the logic board. Use this guide. Once you get it to the point, disconnect the battery. Clean the logic board using this this as your guide. Once you have it cleaned, replace the battery with a new one. It might be tough to \find it, but use the number on your battery as a starting point for a search. This is a difficult repair, but take your time, read the guides, and you will get it accomplished. Hope this helps, good luck.

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