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Modell A1103 / 1.25, 1.33, 1.42, oder 1.5 GHz G4-Prozessor

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No hard drive which HD would you reccomend

What HD would you reccomend and what operating system to install?

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How much RAM do you have and what's your processor speed?


Yeah please, stick to one question, poor mactech has answered you three times already.


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I would agree with everything mactech says except for the OS, according to Mactracker, you can go all the way up to leopard (10.5) the latest version of which is 10.5.8; you can buy install disks off ebay, amazon, and an assortment of mac-supplier sites fairly cheap.

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any reason for the downvote?


Yes, but what I said was true, the highest possible OS is 10.5, the judgement is reserved for the questioner, I don't see how that's legitimate grounds for a downvote.


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