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To diagnose problems with your Kolcraft Cloud Plus might be having, check out the Kolcraft Cloud Plus troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus stroller is one of four designs in Kolcraft’s Cloud series (Plus, Double, Sport, and Umbrella). The Cloud Plus includes a 3-tier canopy sun visor, unlike the 2-tier Cloud Umbrella design. The Cloud Plus doesn’t include a headrest or padded harness straps like the similar Cloud Sport.

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus stroller is 11.8 pounds, often advertised for being lightweight and compact. The stroller compacts to a self-standing fold . Other major features include a large storage basket and an adult and child snack/drink tray. It comes in three colors: Fire Red, Fuchsia Pink, and Slate Gray.

Additional Information

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