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Background and Identification

The Memorex Minimove Mi3x is a portable boombox made by Memorex in 2008. Memorex's original purpose for creating the Minimove was to make an easy to carry, but fashionable portable boombox that could play music from an iPod or portable device. The boombox made its appearance on the catwalk during a New York fashion week and has been acknowledge for its chic design. Along with its aesthetics, the Minimove also supports line-in input, a 30-pin (old iPod) connection to Apple portable device, as well as an FM radio function. It also comes with a remote that can play, pause, and skip tracks while using an Apple device.

The Minimove can be identified by its handle and purse-like design, making it portable and easy to transport. It also comes in different colors, such as black, silver, pink, blue, and purple. The device can also be more accurately identified through its title or model number located on a sticker on the bottom panel of the boombox. The device's official title is the "Minimove Boombox with iPod and FM Radio" and its model number is Mi3xSIL.


If you have any problems regarding this device, please refer to the Minimove troubleshooting guide for help.

Additional Information

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