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Released in December, 1998, the Motorola V2397 is a cellular phone released by Motorola. The service provider for this phone is AT&T.

The V2397 cellular phone has many different features to it. Some features this phone has are a fixed antenna, earpiece, headset jack, microphone and many function keys. One very useful function key is the smart button. This button has the ability to recall information from memory, place or end calls, enter menus, toggle features on and off, and select items in the display. The smart button is on the right side of your phone.

Some common problems this phone encounters are the battery not charging, the display saying "locked", and trying to place a call and receiving a fast busy signal. You also may experience alternating high/low tones while trying to place or receive calls.

For more information regarding common troubleshooting issues check out the troubleshooting page.


Dimension: 5.40 x 2.00 x 1.14 inches (137 x 51 x 29 mm)

Weight: 4.30 oz (122 g)


Battery type: Li-Ion

Talk time: 1.5 hours

Stand-by time: 4.6 days (110 hours)


AMPS: 800 MHz

TDMA: 800 MHz

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