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Background Information

The Samsung Rogue was released in September of 2009 on the Verizon Wireless Network. It is a successor to the Samsung Glyde, and has several improved features. The Rogue sports a better display (800 x 460), a higher quality camera (3 MP), more memory (512 MB), faster data, and a thinner design. Samsung also included GPS navigation in the Rogue, as well as stereo bluetooth capabilities. The Rogue’s new proprietary operating system is characterized by widgets for all different tools and applications including contacts, a calendar, and a variety of social networks. The phone does not however support downloading additional widgets.


The Samsung Rogue SCH-u960 is a multimedia touch-screen messaging phone for Verizon Wireless customers. The top half of the phone slides out to the right and reveals a QWERTY keyboard from underneath. The right side of the phone consists of a micro-SD slot, a voice command and search button, and a lock key. A headphone jack lies directly underneath the lock key on the bottom half of the phone. There are two speakers: one on the front of the Rogue above the OLED screen, and one on the back to the left of the camera lens. The volume control and the charge port are located on the left side of the phone. A square “home” button is on the bottom-front to the left of the red “end call” key and to the right of the “talk” key. To make sure that this Samsung Rogue is the right model, open the back of the phone and check the white sticker underneath the battery.


For information about common problems on your Samsung Rogue visit our Troubleshooting Guide

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