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If you need help with the Texas Instruments TI-5130, please refer to the the troubleshooting page.

Texas Instruments TI-5130 is an electric calculator that was manufactured in 1985, along with the TI-5140. The TI-5130 is UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certified, meaning that it has undergone product safety testing. Both the TI-5130 and TI-5140 have the same internal and external design excluding the display and calculator chip that powers the displays. The TI-5130 has a 10-digit display and blue and gray keys. The TI-5140 differs because of a 12-digit display and orange and grey keys. Each calculator has a serial number that can be found on the back of the calculator.

In 1986 Texas Instruments released the successor to the TI-5130, called TI-5130 II.

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Model: TI-5130

Voltage: 117Vac

Current: 75mA

Frequency: 60Hz

Made in Japan

To find out more about the manufacturer visit Texas Instruments homepage.

For more information you can visit the Datamath Calculator Museum online.

To learn how to reload paper for your TI-5130 visit How to load paper in 10 key adding machine for Texas Instrument?

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