Technical Writer/Tinkerer

iFixit's staff is the focal point of a global community showing people how to fix the things they own. We believe that we can make the world better by empowering people to take control of their hardware.

We are the world's foremost experts on Apple repair, and we've set the gold-standard for online repair documentation. We have already helped millions of people fix their own devices, and we plan to help tens of millions more.

We're looking for a technical writer/tinkerer to join in our repair effort by creating unparalleled repair guides for electronics, cars, motorcycles, appliances, and just about anything else. Additionally, the candidate will help run our university technical writing project. This involves communicating with students across the country to help manage all aspects of our university program.

The ideal candidate has a passion for succinct communication, loves to take things apart, and fixes all their friends' stuff. Photography and photo editing are a big part of this position—experience is a definite plus, but not absolutely necessary.

Candidates should:

  • Enjoy tinkering!
  • Have certain electronic and mechanical aptitude—know their way around an engine or the latest smartphone.
  • Enjoy working with people, especially interacting with students.
  • Have impeccable grammar.
  • Have editing experience, and enjoy correcting tpyos and errors of the grammar.
  • Progress through life with a sense of humor.

This position is part-time during the school year, and full-time during summer at our downtown San Luis Obispo office. Remote opportunities are not available for this position. Apple industry experience is not necessary; neither is any specific degree.

Apply here and include a PDF of your resume, as well as a short cover letter explaining two things: why you're badass, and why you're the ideal candidate for this job.

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