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The data projected on the wall is obscured.

Turn the projector towards the wall. Turn on the laser projector and make sure that there is a red laser projection on the wall. To test for focus, turn the focus gear slowly. Check whether the sharpness displayed on the wall is changing while turning the gear. If there is no difference of the sharpness, the lens is broken. To fix this issue, one can replace the broken lens with a new one by following this guide .

Parts of the display do not work properly. Missing lights that make numbers difficult to read or make one unsure if features are on or off.

Plug in the alarm clock. Follow the directions in the user manual for setting the time. Cycle through each of the numbers of each part. Observe the display, looking for all of the pieces of the numbers to light up. Note the sections that do not light up when they should. If all the number LEDs light up, click on each of the other buttons that will display light individually. Note whether they work or not. If all of the lights turn on but some of them flicker, then it may be a faulty connection. If they do not all work, then one can replace the display screen with a new one using this guide. Otherwise, refer to the "faulty connection" guide just below this.

With the alarm clock plugged in and turned on, shake it gently to see if the lights that are not displaying will turn on briefly. If it does then you may be able to just open it up and make sure the wiring is secure by following the display replacement guide and checking the connection of the screen to the power source. If it does not turn on then this may be a bad display board which can be replaced following this guide.

External devices do not charge when plugged into the USB port of the clock.

If the device you are trying to charge cannot be turned on, check if the device battery is dead. Then, plug your device into the USB adapter of the radio to see if it will charge. If it does not, try to plug in the device with a different charging cord to see if there is any problem with the charging cord. If your device is charging, then replace your old charging cord. If it is not charging, try to plug in your device into a wall charger. If this makes your device charge, then there is a problem with the USB adapter which can be replaced following this guide.

Plug your cord into the USB and see if the device charges normally. If the device maintains a low charge after being charged for a long period of time, the battery may be charging abnormally and the USB port should be replaced following this guide.

If the device charges only when the cord is positioned a certain way that puts pressure on the USB port in a certain direction, then the USB port is faulty and can be replaced following this guide.

Neither the radio nor the alarm causes the speaker to produce sound.

Turn on the radio and make sure the volume is set all the way to the maximum. If a hissing sound is heard then the speaker is absolutely fine. To check for a radio issue look below for more information. However, if no hissing sound is heard, keep reading this page.

Check the wire connection for both the radio and the clock. If any wire is observed to be detached from the speaker, follow the speaker guide to reconnect the wires to the speaker. If every wire connection looks normal then the speaker is probably damaged and may need replacement. See this guide.

Nothing is heard or the radio stations are not tuning.

Make sure the radio is getting the power from the adapter. To test this, try using any other feature of Electrohome independent from radio to see whether it is working or not when connected to a power source. If the device is receiving power, check the power connection between the main power supply wire and the radio by unplugging the radio and following the radio guide to check the internal wires. As long as each of the wires is connected, read on to check for other ideas.

Check the antenna’s or ferrite rod’s connection. There may be a hanging wire, make sure it is attached back in place.

Check the ‘Speaker will not produce sound’ issue here.

The time displays on for a moment on the main screen then shuts off almost like a screen saver would do. If I push any button the time reappears but only for about a minute. Any idea what I can do to fix this?

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