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HP Pavilion g7-2289wm Troubleshooting

Released in 2013, identified by model number g7-2289wm.

Frozen Screen

Screen is on, but will not change.

Graphics Card Failure

The first thing to check when there are display failures is if the driver for your specific graphics card is updated. Go to this site and follow instructions to download and update the driver.

The next thing to look for is if the graphics card is heating up. This can be due to poor air circulation in the computer. A simple fix would be to open up the computer, and remove the dust from the system to promote better air flow and cooling.

Monitor Malfunction/Hardware Damage

A less frequent cause for a display failures is a faulty monitor. If the connection from graphics card to the monitor is poor, perhaps due to damage or faulty manufacturing, replacing or repairing the monitor will typically fix the issue. More often than not, it will be more expensive and time consuming to repair a monitor, so a replacement is usually easier. It’s also important to note that some LCD monitors have toxic chemicals such as Lead and Mercury inside, so care must be taken when repairing them. That being said, we will cover replacing the monitor instead.

Failure to Charge

Laptop will not charge when plugged in.

Faulty Power Adapter

Make sure that the power adapter is plugged in to the laptop and that the charge light is on. If the light is not on, then purchase a new power adapter.

Faulty Battery

If the light on the adapter is on, make sure that the adapter is plugged in. If the laptop only powers on when plugged in, despite the amount of time charged, the battery is faulty. Replace the battery using [Ungültiger Anleitungslink].

Keyboard Not Responding

Laptop keyboard and/or touchpad is unresponsive while display is on.

Faulty Keyboard

If the keyboard fails to respond at all, use HP Pavilion G7-2289wm Keyboard Replacement to replace it.

Keys are Stuck

When keys cannot be pressed, something may be stuck underneath. To resolve this, remove the key and make sure that nothing is stuck. You may need to wipe down the keyboard. After it is cleaned, snap the key back into place.

DVD/CD Drive Failure

DVD/CD will not play while display is on.

Broken Optical Drive

If the laptop does not read DVD’s or CD’s the optical drive is likely faulty or broken and should be replaced using HP Pavilion G7-2289wm DVD Drive Replacement.

No Display

The monitor does not show anything on the screen.

Device is Off

Make sure that the device is powered on. If it is not, click on the power button and wait for the screen to boot up.

Device is Not Charged

If the screen still does not power on, the laptop may need to be charged. Plug the laptop into the power adapter and wait a minute for it to begin charging. Then, try powering the device on again.

Audio Distortion

Audio is not clear or nonexistent.

Loose Headphone Jack

Make sure that the speaker jack is securely inserted into your computer’s “Speaker/Headphone” port. If the distortion persists, try switching out your headphones or speakers to determine whether or not they are the cause. Shorts from worn wires can create static and excessive power can cause the speakers to blow.

Audio Enhancements Active

Audio enhancements can alter the pitch of your computer’s audio. Right-click on the “Speakers” icon in your task bar, and then select the “Sounds” option from its context menu. Click on your computer’s playback device in the sound menu and then click on the “Properties” button. Click on the Speaker Properties menu’s “Enhancements” to locate active audio enhancements. Deselect the boxes next to each enhancement that you wish to remove.

Out-of-Date Audio Driver

An out-of-date audio driver can cause latency issues in your computer’s audio playback, causing sounds to skip and lag. Visit your sound card manufacturer’s site to locate an update or a fix for known playback issues, or use the Windows Update utility to check for an updated version of the driver. Move your cursor to the bottom corner of your display to launch the Windows Charms menu, and then click on the “Settings” charm. Select the charm’s “Control Panel” option and then click on the “Windows Update” icon.

Microphone Interference

A microphone actively receiving input can cause a feedback loop. You’ll need to create more distance between the microphone and speakers, turn down the speakers, decrease the microphone’s sensitivity, or disconnect the microphone. Right-click on the “Speakers” icon in your task bar, and then select the “Recording Devices” option from its context menu. Click on your recording device in the sound menu and then click on its “Properties” button. Adjust the microphone’s volume, or check the option to disable it’s boost. Use the “Enhancement” tab options to alleviate feedback.

For more information on audio distortion, click here

Slow Access to and/or Loss of Files

Files that you have saved no longer exist or files take a long time to load.

Hard Drive Failure

You may be able to recover data from a faulty hard drive from a professional, but this service can cost over a thousand dollars. Besides hard drives just dying their natural deaths, there may be numerous manufacturing defects or recalls. Additionally, memory devices may be damaged if the laptop is dropped. Making regular backups of your data can be very helpful in making sure that important files do not get lost. Follow HP Pavilion G7-2289wm Hard Drive Replacement to replace your hard drive.

Full Hard Drive

Once the hard drive fills up, you will need to clear up space to continue saving files. Make sure that you clean up files that you no longer need or use. Also, uninstall all unused applications on the laptop. You may use a disk space analyzer to determine which files take up the largest amount of room on your hard drive. The easiest way to slim up your system is to expand your space with an external drive. With a cheap USB hard drive, you can store important files off of your computer and thus create more room on the hard drive itself.


The majority of computer viruses affects operational software, misuses internet connection, and damages stored data. Data loss is often just a side effect of some larger damage done to you laptop. If your laptop is damaged badly by a virus, you may install operating system and programs easily if you have installation disks available. The same goes to your original data. Making regular backups of your data and having them available after severe virus damages can be very helpful.

For more information on a laptop’s loss of files, click here

Device is Overheating

Device feels hot to the touch.

Dust Blockage in Vents

Over time, your laptop may accumulate a significant amount of dust that clogs the air vents in your laptop. The heat that is generated cannot be conducted away from the laptop’s body. To resolve this, clean out the open vents that are located on the sides of the laptop.

Faulty Fan

If the internal fan of the laptop is malfunctioning, the laptop may overheat because there will be no other way for it to cool down. The fan may stop working after you boot up the laptop, so you should shut down the laptop and restart it after a couple of minutes. If the fan still does not function properly, the capacitor may be damaged. In that case the fan should be replaced immediately. Replace the fan HP Pavilion G7-2289wm Fan and Heat Sink Replacement.

Warm Surrounding Temperature

The temperature of your surrounds plays a hand in the heating up of a laptop. To fix this, simply relocate yourself to an area with a lower temperature.

Improper Placement

The improper placement of your laptop may be blocking the airflow through the laptop’s air vent. The laptop’s best placement is on a hard, flat and clean surface with proper ventilation to let air flow freely. Many laptop stands can help you achieve this.

Newly Installed Hardware

Newly installed hardware can make your laptop use more resources and in turn start heating up more frequently. This usually happens when the installed accessories are not manufacturer approved. HP Pavilion G7-2289wm RAM Replacement to learn how to replace your RAM.

Under-Performing Heat Sink

If the heat sink of the laptop dislodges, it will not be able to adequately cool the laptop. Replace the heat sink using HP Pavilion G7-2289wm Fan and Heat Sink Replacement.

Overly Charged

If a laptop is being overcharged, it may also heat up. To fix this, simply unplug the laptop from the outlet and allow it to cool down.

For more information on overheating, click here

Computer Failure

Error screen is displayed, or laptop experiences other unusual problems.

Software Issues

If your laptop is running much more slowly than usually, there may be a problem with the software. An easy fix for this problem is to restart the laptop and/or allow for important updates to be made to the laptop itself.

Hard Drive Failure

The hard drive of your laptop may have failed for a variety of reasons, which may cause operating system problems. Use [Ungültiger Anleitungslink] to learn how to replace your hard drive.

RAM Failure

If your laptop constantly freezes, crashes, or restarts, your RAM may be faulty. Follow [Ungültiger Anleitungslink] to replace your RAM.

Motherboard Failure

Sudden changes in voltage and clogged ventilation outlets are the two main reasons for motherboard failure which results in operating system problems. The most effective solution to this problem is to [Ungültiger Anleitungslink] the motherboard entirely.

For more information, click here.

Processor Failure

If your laptop is really old, if it it used for purposes that it was not originally intended for, or if it overheats, the processor may fail completely. The only way to fix this problem is to [Ungültiger Anleitungslink] the processor.

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