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You cannot turn on your HTC Rhyme.

If your phone isn't charged completely, it will not turn on. Try putting your phone on a charger, and attempt to turn it on after it has been charging for a few minutes.

Located on the top right of the phone is the power button. This button must be pressed an held for a few seconds before the phone will turn on.

If even after charging the phone and pressing/holding the power button, the HTC Rhyme still does not turn on, the battery may be faulty. There is no way to repair a faulty battery and the only correction is to replace the battery.

Your phone will not allow you to turn the volume on your phone up or down.

Try cleaning the button. You may need to use something small, like a toothpick, to pry any debris out of the cracks surrounding the volume button.

If your volume button is clean and you cannot identify any other solution to the problem, you may need to replace the volume button.

While on the phone, you can not hear the other person.

Identify where the front speaker is on your phone. This is where you should be hearing other people when you are on speaking to them. Use a clean cloth to remove any built up debris that may be on your phone's speaker.

Make sure that you are holding the side of the phone with the screen to your ear when you are on the phone. Make sure that you are speaking into the bottom of the phone, where the home, back, search, and menu buttons are located, and that you are listening to the top of the phone.

Make sure that you do not have any headsets plugged into your phone. The headphone jack is located on the top left of the phone. If there are none connected physically, make sure there are none connected via Bluetooth. If there is a headset connected, the bluetooth icon will appear in your status bar. For more information on what the bluetooth icon looks like or where to find your status bar refer to your User Manual. In order to disconnect a bluetooth headset go to the home screen and click the menu button. Go into Settings > Wireless and Networks > Bluetooth Settings. Then, press and hold the name of the device which you are connected to and press Unpair.

While on the phone you may not be able to hear the person on the other end. When this occurs, first check the speaker volume. This is done by pressing the uppermost portion of volume button, located on the right side of the phone.

Locate the two speakers on the front and the back of the phone. Make sure that there is nothing covering them.

If you are unable to hear people clearly, it may need to be replaced..

After taking photograph the colors are poorly focused and distorted.

Take a cloth and gently wipe any dirt or fingerprints off the lens.

The camera lens is located on the back of the phone in the top left corner. Make sure that when you are taking pictures that nothing is covering the camera including your finger. Foreign objects can block the camera from taking pictures.

If there is nothing covering or on the camera, and the camera continues to take distorted, unfocused, or black photos, you may need to replace the camera. You can find instructions for how to do so on our Replacing the Rear Camera Guide.

The phone will not allow you to save any more data (pictures, music) to your phone.

You can make more room for new data on your phone by deleting old data that you no longer want or need.

If you have deleted all you can, or do not want to delete anymore, you can replace your phone's SD card using our Replacing the SD Card Guide

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