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Lenovo Tab S8 Troubleshooting

The device will start to turn on, but it will not display the home screen.

Before taking anything apart, make sure that the power button is not stuck. If it is stuck, then the device may try to restart itself until the button is released.

In the event that the power button needs to be replaced, this guide may help with the replacement.

If the power button is not stuck, then it is possible that the device just needs a hard reset. A hard reset reverts the device to factory settings. To reset, make sure that the tablet is turned off completely. Then turn on the device continue hold the volume up and power buttons. This will show the recovery menu. Select Wipe data/factory reset (this will delete all data from the device, such as music and photos). Press the volume up button to confirm. Wait for the reset to be finished, then select reboot and press the power button to restart the device. A guide that may aid in resetting is available here. The Lenovo website also offers advice through forums, including topics on a hard reset.

Warning : A factory hard reset will erase all data such as photos and apps from the device.

If doing a factory hard reset did not solve the problem, then the problem is most likely the motherboard, which must be replaced. This guide may help with replacing of the motherboard.

Lenovo Tablet keeps freezing or just runs too slowly.

This is a common problem, and the most common solution is to force the device to shut down. To do this, press and hold the power button for 10-15 seconds. Then turn the device back on by pressing the power button again. There is an existing guide on this problem located here.

It is possible that the screen freezes because of outdated software or apps. Check to see if the device is up to date with system updates and apps. To check for system updates, first open the device’s setting menu. Under system, select about phone or about tablet. Select system updates, then check now. If there is an update available, touch install. To update apps, go to the Google Play Store and open the menu, then select My Apps. Apps can be updated using that menu. The iFixit website also has a forum where Why won't my Lenovo tablet turn back on? are posed.

Sometimes a device runs slowly or freezes because the storage on a device is full or almost full. The solution is to remove any unwanted data (like videos or apps) from the device. To uninstall apps, open settings. Then, under Apps, select the app that needs to be uninstalled and then select “Uninstall”. This will uninstall the app from the device.

If the above solutions do not solve the problem, then it may be necessary to reset the device to its factory state. Make sure to back all personal data before initiating a factory reset. The easiest way to reset the device is to go to the Backup & Reset tab in settings. From there select Factory Data Reset to reset the device.

Warning: Resetting a device to its factory settings will erase all personal data such as apps and photos from the device.

The battery lasts for hours at most, even if it is just in standby mode.

Some devices are not equipped with hardware that lives up to the standards of the user and this is the case regarding this problem. The idle consumption of this tablet is 1.9 Watts, which is relatively high compared to other similar devices. Also, the capacity is much lower than other tablets, topping at 16.3 Watt-hours. Performance comparisons with other devices can be found on this page. In order to replace your battery use this guide to help you through the process.

The screen will periodically dim without any manual adjustments.

This problem seems to be a common software glitch for this device. We recommend installing all software updates to ensure that everything is up to date. Also, rebooting the tablet may temporarily mitigate this problem. If the reboot does nothing, there are also screen dimming apps available for download from the Google Play store in order to manually adjust the brightness.

Micro SD card will disconnect even though it is inserted into the port.

If software is the suspected issue, try to update all software currently on the tablet. Another option is to try to reformat the card. Save any personal files to (to be retrieved later) a separate computer, and then once the files are safe elsewhere, erase all files on the SD card. Transfer personal files back to the SD card in a different order/format in order to avoid the previous formatting. Some of the file locations may be causing the SD card to fail while in the device.

If none of the above works and you must get to these files immediately, some have had success with placing a small piece of business card on top of the SD card in order to achieve a more snug fit in the port. This is absolutely not recommended as a permanent solution; only as a temporary fix to retrieve any personal files.

One speaker is producing a different level of sound than the other.

This problem may be as simple as adjusting sound settings, or it may be an issue with one of the speakers itself. If the speakers alternate in which one is higher/lower volume, then it may be a software issue. The first thing you should do is check your volume settings. In your device search feature, search "Volume Settings" in order to get to the volume control application. Make sure that the speakers are set to the same volume level. If this does not work, make sure that all software is updated, and then try again.

If you have tried to adjust the volume settings, and have tried updating all software, then you may have a hardware issue. This may result from a faulty speaker, or a faulty connection or circuit element connecting to the speaker. This may be solved with speaker replacement, or perhaps wire replacement. In order to find out how to replace Lenovo Tab S8 speakers visit the speaker replacement guide

That’s not a problem that can be troubleshooted. I’d go back to the company you bought it from, ask them to replace it (if the device came with a cracked screen).

If the device didn’t come with a racked screen, and this happened by accident, you should take it to a local phone shop - they should be able to replace the screen for you, for a price. It’s not recommended to replace any parts yourself, unless you’ve had training in this.

Draco Storm -

Screen cracked can you replace it if so how to i go about this

jeanetteshamblin - Antwort

I’m assuming this has been fixed, after a few years… But, just for future reference, the troubleshooting page isn’t for cracked screens. If you order the device from Lenovo and it comes cracked, email/phone the company and request a refund or replacement (the same goes for if you bought the tablet from a different company).

If the screen ends up cracked after an accident, you should take it to your local phone shop. They should be able to replace it for you, for a price. It isn’t recommended to replace parts yourself, as you could do further damage to the device, and potentially injure yourself.

Draco Storm -

My tablet keeps putting my out going emails in a queue and sometimes does not send them. What is the good of that.

Angela Matthews - Antwort

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