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Merch Source Projector Entertainment II Troubleshooting

Merch Source Projector Entertainment II. Model number 1647916.

Projector is outputting no image and no sound

Check power source connection on device or outlet

Make sure the projector is turned on and the volume is turned up

If the projector is still not outputting any image or sound, try unplugging the projector. Leave unplugged for 30 seconds and then plug projector back in and restart. If there is still no signal, chances are you need to replace the light bulb. See Merch Source Projector Entertainment II Light Bulb Replacement.

Projector fan is running but no image output

Light bulb interference or defection

This make and model has a history of poor light bulb function. If you shine a flashlight through the rear panel, where you access the bulb, you should be able to diagnose the problem depending if the video output is visible or if the flashlight doesn't project an image.

Video output visible

The bulb isn't working properly. For a bulb replacement guide go to Merch Source Projector Entertainment II Light Bulb Replacement.

Flashlight doesn't project an image

The motherboard or the lens is defective. To replace the lens refer to Merch Source Projector Entertainment II Outer Lens Replacement,To replace the motherboard refer to Merch Source Projector Entertainment II Motherboard.

Projector has image output but muffled/no sound

Check that all the cables are in the correct ports and fully plugged in

Audio isn't getting transferred from computer to projector

On your laptop, go to the control panel. In the control panel, navigate to hardware & sound. From there, go to sound. The output should be set on Digital Audio (S/PDIF).

The audio is still dysfunctional

The speaker or motherboard isn't working correctly. Refer to Merch Source Projector Entertainment II Speaker Replacement if a replacement is desired.

Projector image is blurry

Make sure the lens is in focus

Set the image to a still image and focus the image by spinning the lens casing. Make sure the distance from the projector to the projection wall is not more than 14 feet. If the problem persists, go to the side of the projector and adjust the contrast and color knobs.

Try cleaning the lens

First, try to clean the lens using air. If problem persists, try a dry soft cloth. Do not use fluids of any kind.

Lens is broken

If the lens in your projector is broken or damaged you will need a replacement. See Merch Source Projector Entertainment II Outer Lens Replacement for help in replacing the lens.

Projector shuts off while in use

Check that the projector is plugged in

RCA and video outputs got disconnected

Oftentimes users think their projector breaks even though the signal was just lost. Make sure that the input cables are connected

Projector overheated

If machine is abnormally hot or loud during use, chances are the fan isn't working properly. Check to see if the filter in front of the fan is dirty, clogged or blocked. To fix the heating system, you will have to manually clean the vent or replace the fan altogether. To clean the fan vent, try using a cotton swab in between the slats, or use a dry cloth to remove dirt and dust buildup. DO NOT use any liquid. To replace the fan, see Merch Source Projector Entertainment II Cooling Fan Replacement.

Dah,, this repair procedure is so lame.

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