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Motorola Moto G4 Plus Troubleshooting

Released June 2016, identified by model number XT1644

Distorted or Nonexistent Audio Output to Headphones

You have trouble listening to sounds on your phone.

Residue Filled Audio Jack

If you detect physical residue in your headphone jack, clean it carefully using narrow and thin objects. Check by plugging in headphones and see if they work.

Unplugged Headphones

If your headphones are loose or not plugged in well, apply some force to them and push them gently until a click is felt. Check that the headphones adapter is fully inserted.

Faulty Headphones

If you still hear no sound, you may need to replace the headphones.

Broken Audio Jack

If the problem persists, it is likely that your audio jack is broken. Replace the jack using this guide.

Phone Will Not Turn On

The phone will not respond or power on.

Uncharged Phone

Your phone’s battery may be dead. Plug in the charger, wait a few minutes, and turn on the phone.

Defective Phone Charger

Make sure your phone charger is plugged in and is functioning. Try charging a similar device with the same cable to find out whether or not the charger is faulty. If your charger is not working, consider purchasing a new one.

Worn Out Battery

Your battery is defective if the phone charger is functioning properly but the phone will still not turn on. Replace your battery using this guide.

Stuck or Nonfunctional Volume Buttons

Your volume button is stuck in place, or you cannot change volume.

Dust or Dirt Build Up on Buttons

If your buttons have dust or dirt build up, try wiping the cache partition with a soft dry cloth and press and hold on the buttons several times. If the problem persists replace your buttons with this guide.

Unresponsive Screen Or Display

Your phone does not respond to touch commands

Third Party Application

Your screen is unresponsive due to a recently downloaded application. Restart your phone.

Screen Malfunction

If the problem persists after restarting your phone, replace the screen using this guide.

Camera Takes Black or Blurry Photos

Your Photos appear out of focus or completely black.

Dirty Lens

If your photos appear blurry or if the camera fails to focus, you may have oil or dirt build up on the lens. If this is the case, clean the lens with a soft cloth.

Faulty Camera Settings or Third Party Application

A third party application or camera settings is causing your camera to not launch or the Camera Error message to pop up. Close all third party apps that may use the camera. Go to Settings -> Apps -> Camera and press Force Stop. Clear your data and cache and the problem should be corrected.

Broken Lens

Your camera lens is broken if there is a visible crack your lens, visible discoloration, or magnification when your camera is launched. Replace your lens using this guide.

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