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Battery loses charge quickly, or will not charge.

Plug USB cable into device and electrical adapter into outlet. If device persist malfunctioning then improper charging procedure has occurred. Refer to page 125 of the User Guide for proper charging procedures.

Battery will not charge after following the User Guide procedures for proper charging methods, battery is faulty. Replace the battery with new one.

LCD screen not working, or broken screen.

Adjust ISO at 100 or 200 to prevent LCD screen from having spots on it. Refer to Page 34 in the user manual.

Look at the LCD screen of the device. If there is any indication that the screen is cracked, replace LCD screen cover. You can find a detailed guide to replace the LCD screen cover by clicking here.

Turn off and turn on the camera using the on/off button. LCD screen should return to normal functionality. If the problem persist consider replacing the screen. You can find a detailed guide to replace the screen by clicking here.

Flash Not Responding.

Turn the device off and on using the on/off button. The Flash should return to working order. Make sure that your device flash is turned on auto. You can find instruction for turning the flash on auto in the User Guide that came with the camera. If flash continues to malfunction replace flash. You can find a detailed guide to replace the device's flash by clicking here.

If the flash continues to malfunction after repeated attempts at rebooting, and the flash has been replaced, then the motherboard is faulty. Replace the motherboard. You can find a detailed guide to replace the device's motherboard by clicking here.

Camera not functioning, or device does not come on.

Device will not update firmware, login on to the device's Wi-Fi and download firmware tool by clicking here. If problem persist seek help from a professional.

Plug the small end of the USB cable into device, and plug the AC adapter end of the USB cable into the wall outlet. Use only the AC adapter and USB cable supplied with your device. If you are using proper AC adapter, and the device will not turn on, replace batter. If all other solutions fail, and device will not come on, replace motherboard. You can find a detailed guide to replace the Motherboard of the device by clicking here.

Dismount the lens cap. If lens cap is already dismounted turn power on. If you have determined that the power is on examine the lens on the camera to determine if the lens is broken. If the lens is broken replace camera lens. You can find a detailed guide to replace camera lens by clicking here.

Video will not record

Reduce zoom in frame or use a tripod. Tripod will stabilize device and allow video to be in focus.

Check your devices memory card to determine if there is any available memory space. Deleted memory from memory card, or purchase a duplicate memory card for the device.

I need a lens Samsung WB1100F

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Every time I turn the camera on it's stuck on “connecting error" what do I do

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