Durchgedrehte Schauben sind ein Alptraum für jeden Reparatur-Freak. Manche Schrauben wollen einfach nicht raus kommen. Das Frustrationslevel steigt und bald ist aus dem "+" ein "O" geworden. Aber keine Angst, wir können dir weiterhelfen. Diese Anleitung zeigt dir, wie du mit einem Rotationswerkzeug eine durchgedrehte Schraube entfernen kannst. Dazu musst du einen schmalen Schlitz in den Schraubenkopf schneiden, so dass du die Schraube mit einem Flachkopfschraubendreher entfernen kannst.


  1. Verschiedene Schraubendreher
  2. Gummiband
  3. Schraubenlösende Zange
  4. Kleber
  5. Rotationswerkzeug

Trage immer eine Schutzbrille wenn du ein Rotationswerkzeug benutzt, um Verletzungen durch Schmutzteilchen oder Funken zu vermeiden.


  1. Deine Schraube ist durchgedreht und der Schraubendreher macht nicht mehr das, was er soll. Bevor du mit schwerem Geschütz auffährst, versuche erstmal folgendes:
    • Deine Schraube ist durchgedreht und der Schraubendreher macht nicht mehr das, was er soll. Bevor du mit schwerem Geschütz auffährst, versuche erstmal folgendes:

      • Versuch dein Glück mit unterschiedlichen Schraubendrehern. Nimm zuerst welche, die leicht größere oder kleinere Köpfe haben, dann einen Flachkopfschraubendreher, um zu sehen, ob er irgendwo an der durchgedrehten Schraube greift.

        • Wenn das Bit die Schraube nicht sofort greift, versuch es nicht weiter. Ansonsten riskierst du es, die Schraube weiter zu beschädigen.

    • Wenn das funktioniert, herzlichen Glückwunsch! Deine Schraube ist frei.

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  2. Ein Gummiband kann für zusätzlichen Grip sorgen.
    • Ein Gummiband kann für zusätzlichen Grip sorgen.

    • Lege ein Gummiband über die durchgedrehte Schraube.

    • Führe einen passenden Schraubendreher ein und drehe ihn probeweise.

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    • Falls der Schraubenkopf zugänglich ist, kannst es mit einer schraubenlösenden Zange versuchen. Wenn du die Schraube damit gut packen kannst, drehe die Schraubenausdrehzange vorsichtig. Die Schraube sollte sich dabei mitdrehen.

    • Sobald die Schraube etwas lose ist, bekommst du sie wahrscheinlich mithilfe eines Schraubendrehers vollständig heraus.

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  3. Frohes Fest, frohes Tüfteln
    Erhalte 12 € Rabatt auf deinen Einkauf ab 50 € mit dem Code FIXMAS12.
    Frohes Fest, frohes Tüfteln
    Erhalte 12 € Rabatt auf deinen Einkauf ab 50 € mit dem Code FIXMAS12.
    • Steckt die Schraube immer noch fest? Versuche, etwas starken Kleber oben auf die Schraube zu geben.

    • Setze deinen Schraubendreher in den Schraubenkopf und lasse den Kleber antrocknen.

    • Drehe den Schraubendreher energisch und mit nach unten gerichtetem Druck, um die Schraube zu entfernen.

    • Vergiss nicht, die Kleberreste von der Spitze deines Schraubendrehers zu entfernen.

    You might want to mention to spend the extra buck and get the gel superglue. It's way easier to control...

    lkmemphis - Antwort

    Also might suggest applying the tiny ammount of super glue to the tool tip not the screw. If you accidently squeeze out too much the overflow can be cleaned off the tool and the glue reapplied much easier than it can be removed from the screw and the surrounding areas of the device. Alternately the surrounding areas can be masked from excess glue with a bit of transparent tape.

    James Todd - Antwort

    How would you remove the screw from the driver?

    William Sanborn - Antwort

    How do I clean of screw driver from the super glue?

    And how do I prevent or avoid that situation the next time?

    Gerald - Antwort

    • Wenn du die Schraube mit den vorangegangen Methoden nicht entfernen konntest, nehme ein Rotationswerkzeug zur Hilfe.

    • Bringe eine dünne Schleifscheibe vorne an deinem Rotationswerkzeug an. Bevor du loslegst, vergewissere dich, dass die Scheibe sicher angebracht ist.

    • Trage immer eine Schutzbrille wenn du ein Rotationswerkzeug benutzt, um Verletzungen durch Schmutzteilchen oder Funken zu vermeiden.

    Mask the area so the small metal particles don't create a short. Even still use a few blasts of can'ed air to blow any junk away.

    Dan - Antwort

    • In diesem Schritt wirst du ein Rotationswerkzeug verwenden, um eine schmalen Schlitz in die durchgedrehte Schraube zu fräsen, damit du dort mit einem Flachkopf-Schraubendreher ansetzen kannst.

    • Wir empfehlen, eine niedrige Stufe einzustellen (wir haben Stufe 2 von 6 verwendet) um Schaden an dem Gerät oder an der Schraube zu vermeiden.

    • Du solltest so tief fräsen, dass ein Flachkopfschraubendreher hineinpasst und dünn genug, dass der Schraubendreher Halt hat.

    • Fräse einen einzigen dünnen Schlitz in den Kopf der durchgedrehten Schraube.

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    • Entferne die Schraube mit einem Flachkopfschraubendreher.

      • Die Größe des zu verwendenden Schraubendrehers hängt von der Größe der Schraube ab. Verwende die größte Größe, die in den Schlitz passt.

    • Wenn deine Schraubendreher nicht passen, vergrößere den Schlitz mit dem Rotationswerkzeug etwas. Achte darauf, dass du nicht zu weit einschneidest, damit der Schraubendreher Halt findest. Andernfalls wirst du die Schraube nicht drehen können.

    • Trage eine Schutzbrille und entferne nach der Verwendung des Rotationswerkzeugs eventuell verursachte Schmutzteilchen mit Druckluft. Lose Metallteilchen können ansonsten für einen Kurzschluss sorgen.

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Im Video findest du mehr Hinweise, wie man mit durchgedrehten Schrauben fertig wird. Benutze immer qualitativ hochwertige Schraubendreher. Ein Schraubendreher aus schlechtem Material kann die Schraube beschädigen.

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Jake Devincenzi

Mitglied seit 18.04.2011

106.673 Reputation

57 Anleitungen geschrieben

This isn't helpful. If you can't afford a decent screwdriver in the first place chances are you won't have a rotary tool handy? maybe think of something a bit more practical.

Angel - Antwort

OR many you're repairing something with a screw that's already been stripped?

Think outside the box, and don't be so negative.

amuronakamoto -

Uh, there are a number of options here, the rotary tool is given as the last resort.

Marama -

It’s very helpful for me when I repair items that have been badly repaired by other people.

STB Admins -

I usually use the soldering iron, resting on the screw head dilation of the materials or any glue on the thread, but if the damage the screw head is large only with the idea of ​​same rotary tool.

Cleyton - Antwort

"To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order."

Yeah, that makes perfect sense... If you put the saw in reverse it glues all the buts of iron back onto the screw :-)

But other than that, this could be useful in some situations. Be careful,of the iron filings on your electronics!

koesper - Antwort

Haha, good catch! We've fixed the conclusion. Apologies to all who tried so very hard to follow these instructions in reverse.

Jeff Suovanen -

You could also try Bit-Biter. The unique formula multiplies friction between a slipping driver and fastener head, creating enhanced gripping power during installation and removal processes. Stripped, rusted, or damaged fasteners and drivers become workable again! http://bit.ly/19PJn3w

Tectorius Rep - Antwort

The link has changed if you wanted to try Bit-Biter http://bit.ly/1nMo35w we updated our website and the previous link does not work. www.tectorius.com

Jeanne -

There's always the ultimate tool if it won't go out, the drill.

Of course you'll have to make new threads if you drill out a screw. However, as a "weapon of last resort", the drill always works.

Branko Dodig - Antwort

Thank you for this guide. The Vampliers, however, completely removed the head of my T6 screw. There are two of them holding the display to the top case of my 15'' Macbook Pro. I am on one of the last steps in the Top Case replacement guide.

Can I use a drill if my screw has virtually no head?


A Mac User - Antwort

Using the rotary tool will spray metal filings all over the electronic components creating a short. Bad idea.

Brick dal - Antwort

I agree, to a point.

But listing it as a last resort, for a device that is already broken and cannot be repaired until the stripped screw is removed, does fit this article. Metal shavings aren't making something that is already unusable worse off. Your observation that there are risks is probably something the article should mention though as part of the explanation for why this was listed last.

toddgardiner -

Thanks for mentioning this! We added a cautionary note to the last step, reminding readers to blow out the device with compressed air before reassembly. That should help reduce the risk from loose metal shavings.

Jeff Suovanen -

This didn't help at all. In fact rubber band and glue made it worse. I don't want to use a drill. Not when the screw is so tiny. It can create more damage to the system

Semeki Izuio - Antwort

deberían ponerle un traductor de idioma

Jenny Diaz - Antwort

para mas facilidad a los que no sabemos hablar ingles

Jenny Diaz - Antwort

google pajina trasnslacion mi amigo


The rubber band trick worked like a charm for me! I couldn't remove a sunken stripped and rounded out philips head from my tail light to change the bulb. I thought I was going to have to go to a shop to get the bulb changed. I tried the rubber band idea with no real expectation of it working and surprisingly it did.

Give it a try and it might just work for you too!

absoluteze - Antwort

Came up with a better solution for the first or second try. Personally, I would do this first. The Story: Had a Canon G16 with a stripped screw head. Severely rounded phillips, appeared that wrong size driver was used. I noticed after a bit of inspection that my good screw driver was bottoming out, preventing any contact with any remaining slot. There wasn't much remaining slot at all. I filled off the point of my screw driver just a small amount but that let me "find" the remaining phillips head slots and with some strong pressure was able to turn the screw out. Worked great.

Stihl Working - Antwort

thanks for taking time to post this helpful information!!! thats very nice of you and i appreciate it very much. even if it ends up not working in my situation , which im sure one of these steps will


My screwhead is not stripped, the Screw just spins. What do I do to get it out, can't grab head either

LuAnne Biskup - Antwort

See if you can slide a thin knife blade under the screw head and then carefully try to unscrew the screw (don't apply do much downward pressure here), as you turn the screw lift the knife edge easing out the screw until you can grab it.

Dan -

Hand operated micro drill, using a bit which is the same size as the hole the screw goes through. Just drill until the head of the screw pops off, clean up filings with a magnet. Once you've removed the part you can use pliers to remove the headless screw.

Tim Lockwood - Antwort

I think you're talking about a jewelers hand drill (or pin vise) like this one: Jewelers Drill

Dan -

This seems to be all regarding electronics. I have two screws that are stripped that hold small brackets on a wall. Previous owner of my home seemed to strip many screws. These screws are phillips and to top it off are not screwed in straight. I am remodeling my kitchen by myself and i am trying to repair all the holes in the wallboard. I would guess grabbing onto them with pliers might be the best idea. Any thoughts?


Deborah - Antwort

Pliers should work! That's probably what I'd do. If you have trouble, there are screw extracting pliers made just for this purpose.

Jeff Suovanen -

what if the screw is stripped and inside a whole like a Nintendo 3ds and cant cut it and glue or rubber band didn't work??

victor - Antwort

exactly the problem i have. I even sent it to Nintendo, they sent it back and said Nope.

joey c -

See Tim Lockwood's comment above. When all else fails, a drill will get the job done. It can be a bit messy, so I usually use it as a last resort.

Jeff Suovanen -

See the problem is that I'm like poor. And when I say poor I mean broke. I don't have any fancy tools (rotary driver? nope!) and I really just want to take out the battery of my phone before I fix the screen since I'm waaaaayyy too cheap to buy a new phone and I don't want to die. Is there a cheap effective way to remove it (I tried all of the above except super glue, I don't have that either and won't be able to get any) I really don't care if the screw is destroyed since I have a second one anyways. ( I also don't own a drill)


Niels de boer - Antwort

Thanks for this guide. I didn't have a rubber band so I used some kitchen paper, and it worked. I guess anything that's thin, soft and have a descent amount of friction will work.

Zihan Shu (apocalypse shu) - Antwort

Enter the following site:___https://www.skruvat.se/

Use PermaPoxy Kemisk Metall 50 g, Universal to glow a suitable l a r g e r screw - on top of the damaged screw!

Perma Poxy Kemisk Metal. En 2-komponentsmassa med en konsistensliknande modellera. För reparation av gjutjärnsdetaljer, sprickor i motorblock, insug m m.

Lagar aluminium, mässing, järn, stål m.m. Blir hård som stål på 6 0 m i n . Motstår konstant tryck upp till 240 bar = 245 kg/cm2

Tål temp. från -50°C till +150°C.

[Rem. 1 Bar = 1.01972 Kilogram-force/Square Centimeter (kg/cm) Square]

Bo Skeppstedt

Bo Skeppstedt - Antwort

Einfacher geht es wenn man eine mutter auf die schraube lötet und es damit rausdreht, aber gutes festes lot verwenden.

More Easy to use soldering new Srew on the demage screw .

You need good soldering tin

christian - Antwort

Yet one more idea that might work is a trick I sometimes use on larger seized fasteners on cars. Using a very sharply pointed punch (like a sturdy nail which has been sharpened) and a small hammer, make an indentation in the screws head out close to the edge (hold the punch vertical for first few taps) then tilt the punch about 45 degrees and while keeping the point in the indentation tap in the correct direction to unscrew the fastener. Repeated impacts will unscrew the fastener.

James Todd - Antwort

Great advice, thank you! :o)

ClaCla TI Worcestershire - Antwort

So, you get the screw out, now what? How do you get another screw to hold in a flogged out hole? Does anyone have any ideas?


Rohan Ward - Antwort

i love the layout of this website. This really helped me take my screw out of my skateboard

istiaq ahmed - Antwort


a792030492 - Antwort


on a very small stripped screw (inside a mcbook pro) i tried the rubber band trick and the pliers one, without success. i remembered i bought a normal’ sized screw extracting kit (3 bits, this type: https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/New-4pc-H...) and gave it a try, even though the bit looked huge for the screw.. but it worked perfectly !

allowed me to finish mounting that ssd in place of the dvd drive in the macbook pro mid 2010.

Thank you for this very helpfull post !

jerome cintas - Antwort

How does it work?

mark41900 -

Another effective method is to hearing up the screw before you remove it.

K Moore - Antwort

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