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Operating system not found


I replaced the hard drive on a Acer Aspire V5-571 due to the old one crashed and couldn’t boot anymore. It was a windows 8 but i installed a hard drive that has windows 7 installed on it. Now when i’m trying to boot, i just get the message “operating system not found”. I can’t seem to get it into bios or anything.


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You should still be able to boot into the BIOS. It should be F2 while booting to enter the BIOS on an Acer I believe.


I keep pressing F2 while booting but right after the ACER logo it beeps once and then the same message appears.


This sounds like a classic corrupt BIOS. Do you know if a BIOS update was attempted at all?


there was no bios update attempted. But it was being reset to factory settings and half way through, the power was disconnected by accident and from there on the hard drive did not boot anymore. It just got stuck on a message that said something about repairing windows but it stayed stucked there. It was a windows 8. So i installed a new hard drive with windows 7.


Gotcha. Well if I had to throw out a nice educated guess I would say it's a corrupt BIOS.


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So I think this is a corrupt BIOS. You mentioned in the comments that it lost power during a factory reset… while I don’t know that this would need to interact with BIOS at all I wonder if it might have done that. As far as I’m aware there’s only two ways to fix this issue.

The first would require you to hookup a BIOS programmer card to the BIOS chip on the motherboard.

The second option is to buy a new BIOS chip. eBay usually has tons of these. Just make sure they match your needs. If you are comfortable with soldering and using a heat gun you can remove the old BIOS chip from the board and replace it with the new one.

Of course there are some motherboards with dual BIOS and a toggle switch but this isn’t common on laptops. Since this is a budget laptop I would be pretty surprised to see it there.

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I bet SecureBoot is enabled and you can't get into the BIOS to disable it. That is where I'm stuck on mine.


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@johnskinner ,

Just wondering if a power refresh would reset the BIOS back to default values? You can only try.

Disconnect charger if connected.

Disconnect main battery

Remove or disconnect cmos battery (you don't state the model number but this may help) If it is a coin cell battery, rather than a battery with a cable connection, remember the orientation of the battery for when you need to reinstall it, usually it is +ve on top.

Press and hold the laptop power button for 20 seconds then release.

Re-install (reconnect) the cmos battery,

Reconnect the main battery.

Connect and switch on the charger and then turn on the laptop and attempt to enter BIOS by pressing F2.

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