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The VLT 1000 desktop fan has four blades with a diameter of 30 cm. It is made of stainless steel and has 3 speed settings.

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Fan speed slow initially

I have a tower fan which initially runs on low speed and after 20-30 min the speed becomes normal. What could be the reason and how to fix the issue?

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Does it run on low speed even if a higher speed setting is selected when starting?

Do the fan blades rotate easily and smoothly if you spin them by hand? (disconnect the power from the fan before you try this)


Its at first two speed. At third (highest) speed, it functions well. Yes, the blades rotate easily and smoothly if I spin by hand.


Can you run the fan at highest speed first for 2-3 minutes then switch to low speed? Tell me if that works or not :)


Bahut slow slow chal raha hai

=== Update (08/29/23) ===

Bahut slow slow chal raha hai friend


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@ sachin gupta

What is the make and model number of the fan as you have selected a desktop fan as the device and not a "tower fan"?

If the fan is no longer under warranty, you may have to open the fan and access the control board where the speed buttons are connected to and check the components. Usually with speed controls for fans, the switches connect or disconnect capacitors into the fan's motor circuit to increase / decrease the amount of current flowing to the motor so that it runs faster or slower.

If you see any problems or if you're not quite sure, post some images back here.

Here's how to do this Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen

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sachin gupta besides the great suggestions given by @jayeff it is also possible that your fan motor is most likely starting to gum up. I suggest you tear it down right to the motor teh clean the rotor shaft bearing etc. with some contact cleaner/degreaser and some good puffs of compressed air. Dry everything off and apply some grease to the bearings etc.

It is also possible that the motor windings are starting to fail.

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Please check the capester is fully fit or not and maybe the fault is in her capester because nothing that powers the fan

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