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Background and Identification

The Lenovo Thinkpad S431 is a 14 inch Ultrabook. It was released in late June 2013. It can be identified by looking for the model number "S431" on the right top corner of the keyboard, and the manufacturer brand "Lenovo" on the left bottom corner of the screen. It comes installed with a Windows operating system. The drive standard capacity is 500 GB. It also comes with a 720p HD webcam and high definition audio speakers. The Lenovo Thinkpad’s exterior is made up of a combination of aluminum and magnesium alloy. Its dimensions are 332.8mm x 224.8mm x 22.1mm and weights 1.86 kg. It also boasts a 14.0 "(355mm) HD + (1600x900) anti-glare touchscreen back-lit LED display.

Additional Information

Lenovo ThinkPad’s Official Page

Hardware Maintenance Manual

Newegg experts’ Device review

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