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If your bike is not working properly and you cannot identify the issue, refer to the troubleshooting page.

How To Identify

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Nishiki was a brand of bicycle marketed and distributed by West Coast Cycle in the United States beginning in 1965.

Many of the older Nishiki models are very similar in appearance but can be identified using a few different methods. Often the bicycle will have the model painted on the frame. The old Nishiki "American Eagle" logo (shown right) should be visible on the frame as well. If the bike has a visible serial number it can be crosschecked on the following website: Nishiki Serial Number Database.


Frame: Tange Infinity double butter CR-MO Japanese made frame

Brakes: Aerodynamic detailing with Shimano SLR linear response brakes

Shifters: Shimano SIS gearing

Crank: Sugino low-profile crankset

Additional Information

The road bike device page on iFixit has several helpful general support answers and links for all types of road bikes.

For information on past and present models and to find manufacturer parts, try http://nishiki.com/

The website bicycletutor lists general repair guides for bikes.

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