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Dell XPS M1530 Troubleshooting

Released November 27, 2007. Model number M1530

  • If your Dell XPS M1530 is experiencing any of these problems, check out our device page for guides on fixing them Dell XPS M1530 Repair

Laptop wont turn on

Your laptop refuses to start up

Faulty Power Adapter

Make sure the power cord is plugged in. check to make sure the light on the power adapter is on. If this light is not on then consider buying a new power adapter.

Battery is drained

If your laptop isn't starting then the problem might be that your battery is no longer holing a charge. To test if this is your issue try turning on your laptop while it is plugged in. If the laptop works fine while it is plugged in, then you most likely need to replace the battery.

Computer running hot

Your laptop is straining to run and overheating

  • Note: If you complete any of these three guides, you will have to replace the thermal compound (also known as thermal paste).

Dirty fan

If your laptop is running excessively hot then you might need to clean out the fan. One way to tell if the problem is the fan, is to listen while your laptop is running. If the fan sounds like it is struggling to run, then it most likely needs to be removed and cleaned, look at fan replacement.

Heat Sink is melting

If your laptop is running too hot, especially after a couple of times there is a possibility that your heat sink could be melting, causing it to run hot even more often and possibly damaging the rest of your laptop. In general if your computer is running hot you should see to replace the heat sink or at least check to see if it is melting.

Thermal Compound

When you do either of the previous guides you will have to replace the thermal paste in your computer. First, you must access the thermal paste within your computer. Then you will have to replace the thermal paste.

WiFi not working

Your laptop cannot connect to WiFi

Not running correctly

If the WiFi is not working initially, disable and re-enable it in the device manager, if this does not work check the other possible problems.

Faulty Wireless card

Check if the WiFi works on another device such as your phone or another computer. If the WiFi still isn't working for this device, then you might need to replace the wireless card.

Hard Drive issues

Your computer is not booting up completely, some programs that were working are not recognized anymore, the Hard Drive is not recognized in the C: of "my computer", the computer tells you the drive is not recognized, or that the drive will fail.

Broken Hard Drive

If any of these issues occur on your Dell XPS M1530 it is most likely that your Hard Drive is broken. The easiest way to fix this problem is to replace the drive. Hard Drive Replacement

Computer Will Not Boot

Laptop beeps and won't boot up or crashes while you are using it

Lack of RAM

Either have bad RAM or not enough RAM. In order to fix this you should try installing RAM onto your computer. You can replace RAM fairly easily, or just access it to see if it is damaged.

Computer still does not work

Laptop does not turn on, no lights, no warnings, nothing

CPU Failure

This is a last resort if the computer does not turn on. This means you have gone through all of the previous troubleshooting areas regarding why your PC will not turn on. If you have done this, then most likely your CPU is broken in which case you should look to replace your CPU.

What keystrokes turn the XPS screen on, and off?

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