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Some of us remember the time when cellphones were just mobile telephones, and computers only had text-based interfaces. Technology was part of our lives already, but at a much less significant level. Who could have guessed that these things would one day become extensions of our lives? In many societies today (including our own), people communicate as much through technology as through natural means. It is not our place to discuss the moral implications of these developments, but we can safely assume that people assign a great deal of importance to their little pieces of mobile technology. One can go literally anywhere and observe people completely absorbed by one kind of screen or another. Laptops, tablets, smartphones - people treat them as extensions of themselves. And yet they display a strangely ambivalent attitude towards them.

The iTronics adventure began in 2010, when one tech-loving electronics engineer asked himself one question: why do we throw away things we can fix? Decidedly, in today's rapid-consumption culture, we don't take care of our things any more. Whatever breaks, we get rid of it and buy something new. This is especially true for electronics, where the repair knowledge is not readily available and where companies encourage their customers to keep buying. But does this attitude make sense? Does it make sense to throw a $600 cellphone in the waste bin because of a smashed screen or a faulty connector? The founder of iTronics decided it did not make sense at all. Four years later, this is still the guiding principle of the company.

At iTronics, we fix whatever is conceivably fixable, and sometimes we even get away with fixing the unfixable. Whether it's surface repairs, such as replacing screens, batteries and antennae, or whether it's minute circuitry work, we don't allow ourselves to get discouraged, no matter the state our "patients" are brought in. Our team has 10 years experience in the field, and this shows in our work. Quality and precision are the foundation of our business, and we constantly strive to find new ways to deliver value through our services. Everything we do is designed to respond to our customers' needs, whatever the circumstance. We understand emergencies, as well as limitations in terms of mobility - our special services were conceived to respond to every situation.

iTronics is not just an electronics shop. It's where your devices take on new life to better serve you.

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