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Device does not respond to on/off button.

Using the micro-USB charger that came with the Fire HD 10, plug the micro-USB end of the cable into the device to begin charging.

If the device is not charging, there may be a problem with the default power adapter and USB cable. Try charging a similar device using the adapter and cable. If the device does not charge the cable or adapter may need replacement.

Plug the Fire HD 10 into the charger that came with it. If the Fire HD 10 still does not charge then the charger is malfunctioning or the battery is defective and needs replacement.

If the Fire HD 10 does not turn on after the previous steps, it is an indicator of a defective motherboard. The steps to replace the motherboard can be found here.

The screen of the device is not responding to touch and other commands; Display may or may not be on.

Plug in the device using the provided charger.

Reboot the device. Make sure the Fire HD 10 is not charging and hold the power button until it reboots.

Inspect the screen of the device for damage as well as the back. If the screen is cracked or broken, it may need to be replaced.

The camera will not take pictures/video or has low quality images.

The camera application may just be frozen or have crashed. Simply exit the application or restart your device.

If the device will not take pictures or video using the software, reboot the device. If the problem persists, the camera(s) may need replacement. Follow this guide for replacing the rear facing camera. Follow this guide for replacing the front facing camera.

There is no or low quality audio when headphones are plugged into headphone jack.

Make sure the headphones being used is completely plugged in. Being partially plugged in can cause low quality sound or no audio at all.

Try using the initial pair of headphones on another device. If the same quality audio persists, use a different set of headphones.

If audio issues continue with functional, fully plugged in headphones the headphone jack may be faulty. It is likely the headphone jack needs to be replaced. Unfortunately the headphone jack is in integrated into the motherboard so replacement would require the motherboard replacement.

The Fire HD 10 will not charge or load information when plugged into the micro-USB port.

Check the USB cable is functional by charging a similar device or connecting a device using the cable to a computer. Replace with another cable if needed.

The micro-USB port may not be receiving information or charging the Fire HD 10's battery because it is damaged. In this case, after using a functional USB cable, replace the micro-USB port.

how do I replace the micro USB port and where can I get the part?

santana611 - Antwort

I just brought the Fire HD 10 in March and used 20 times at the most since the battery last very long...But one big problem I have now it this unit have no power I cannot turn it on...Please help! Thanks!

Aaden Ngo - Antwort

My Fire HD 10 is around 6 to 9 months old and used daily. I put it into charge and the display showed it was connected to the charger. But when I checked a few hours later the display shows 1%. This is clearly incorrect as I have continued to use it without issue but the display, information, and warning messages show the battery at 1%. Can anything be done to rectify?

lynn.levett - Antwort

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