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Microsoft Surface 3 Troubleshooting

622g (22 oz), 10.8 inch display, 3 position kickstand

No matter what you do, you can't get your Surface to turn on.

If your surface 3 won't turn on. Then the problem might not be directly coming from the battery, but rather try to focus on the charging port. Inspect the charging port and make sure that when you connect your charging port cable that it fits snugged in. If you notice that the charging port and the charging cable fit loosely and don't attach properly then you will have to replace your charging cable because it might been prone to physical damage at its charging head. You can purchase a new charging cable from Microsoft .

My Surface 3 works while plugged into the charger, but it instantly shuts off when I disconnect it!

Somehow your battery does not work. At all. See our battery replacement guide

I used to be able to unplug my device for hours at a time, now it only lasts minutes!

If you notice that your Surface 3 has 100% full charged battery, but the battery drains rather quickly then you likely have a battery problem. This may be caused by an old battery or a battery that has gone through many charge cycles. There is not much you can do with this issue without replacing the battery pack completely. You can view the battery replacement guide to learn how to replace your faulty battery.

My power button no longer has a tactile click like it used to. Also, it may not turn on.

An issue that can be preventing you from turning on your Surface 3 Tablet can be that the power/lock screen button is loose and unresponsive. If you are exerting a large pressure on the power button just to turn on the power then this means that it is time to replace the button. Follow the power *button re"we interrupt this message to bring you the message that we have no idea how to do this; thank you."pair guide* to view to how to replace the power button.

My Surface 3 is fully charged, but the screen is unresponsive or a completely black screen.

I Dropped it. It shattered.

The screen on your surface 3 has completely cracked or has major scratches and damage to the screen. The performance of your surface 3 will not be at its maximum capacity. You will need to replace the screen so that your tablet is working at the best of its capability. Here is where you can purchase a screen replacement from Amazon and also please take a look at the Display replacement guide to show you how to replace the screen.

I cannot read the screen, what do I do?

Your surface 3 has a very dim lighting. You will need to manually turn the brightness of the screen and disable the automatic brightness features. To turn up the brightness access the settings on yours surface 3. Then select the brightness tab and then increase the brightness of the surface 3 and deselect the automatic brightness box. If you notice that after performing these steps nothing changed then you will need to replace the screen. Follow the instructions for replacing the Display.

I press the screen and it clicks two inches to the left!

If your Touch screen interface is unresponsive to your touch then you may have a problem with the digitizer, which is part of the touchscreen. If this is your problem, you will have to replace the Screen. Follow the display replacement guide.

Typical problems with audio are broken speakers, software issue, or broken audio jack.

I was playing really loud music, and now my sound quality is poor

During normal usage if you notice that the sound quality of your device has drastically changed to a scratchy white noise sound then you will most likely have a blown out speaker. The speakers will then have to be replaced. You can follow the speaker replacement guide to learn how to replace the speaker on your surface 3.

moving my headphone cable causes my sound to snap, crackle and pop

When you plug in earphones into your device you notice that no sound is being produced then you have to problems. Problem one could be that you have faulty earphones try your earphones on another device. If you still do not hear any sound being produced then it is most likely that the problem is with your earphones and you need to fix them, not the Surface 3. Problem 2 could be that you have perfectly working earphones and in which case the problem is coming directly from your surface 3 device. If that is the case then you have a problem with the audio jack. You will need to get the audio jack replaced. Please follow the audio jack replacement guide to learn how to replace it.

The tablet automatically installed updates; now my speakers do not work!

If this is the case then the audio drivers may have been modified or disabled. Visit the Microsoft webpage and install the latest audio drivers. If the problem still persist you may have to replace the speakers. Please follow the speaker replacement guide so that you can learn how to replace the speakers.

I kicked it and I stood on it, and now it is broken?!

One of the hinges just fell right out of the case?

Try our kickstand replacement guide.

The hinges work, but the plastic part has cracked into two pieces.

Have you tried duct tape? Perhaps with some baling wire for support and WD40 on the hinges? Because really, you do not want to open this device up; things will go poorly.

If you are desperate and foolhardy, try our kickstand replacement guide.

I could fix this by simply replacing the piece of plastic outside the case, but there is this thing that leads into the case and I do not know what it does.

You can cut that, all it does is tries to prevent the kickstand from being removed if you unscrew the screws holding it onto the hinges.

If you are desperate and foolhardy, try our kickstand replacement guide.

Dropped my Microsoft surface and a trusted platform module screen and exit set up screen are on but it won't turn off and it feels hot

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