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I'm not getting any sound from my back speaker when I try to play music or a video.

Try adjusting the volumes. This can can be done using the volume button on the right side. If this doesn't work go into the sound menu. There you will be able to adjust individual volumes such as system sounds or alarm sounds. Adjust the system sound so that it is at least at middle volume.

Are you using headphones? If so, remove your headphones from the headphone jack and play the sound again.

Be sure to turn off the Bluetooth feature on your Moto G. Sometimes, when the phone is connected to another device via Bluetooth, the phone will play sound through the other device and not the phone.

If none of these solutions work, that may mean that the speaker is damaged or worn out. You may need to replace the speaker on your Moto G. This guide will show you how.

When I try to listen to music or a video with headphones, I don't get any sound.

Something may be jammed in the headphone jack or there is dust in the jack. The simple solution is to clean it. The repair guide will show you how to get to the jack in order to dislodge the offending object or clean any dust from it.

The headphone jack may be worn out or damage. In this case, the headphone jack will need to be replaced. Use the guide to learn how to replace it.

I can't change the volume or turn the phone off or on using the buttons.

In this case, you will need to adjust the buttons to correctly line up within their sockets. Following the instructions in the guide will show you how to get to the buttons and what the should look like when correctly aligned in the phone.

If the power and volume buttons on your phone are broken or missing, you will more than likely need to replace them. This is quite simple. This guide will help you.

My phone won't turn on.

If your phone is not turning on, please try charging it first. You should wait approximately 30 minutes before attempting to turn it on.

Try plugging your phone into a computer. If the phone says it has a charge, your problem may likely be with the power button. Check the above guide for instructions on how to replace the power button.

If the phone is saying it has no charge after attempting to charge or is not charging, the problem may be with the battery. This guide will give you instructions on how to replace the battery.

Every time I try to use the front camera, the picture comes out weird or it shuts down the app.

If the front camera is dirty, cracked, or has moisture, you will need to replace the front camera. Follow this guide for instructions on how to replace the front camera.

If, when you attempt to use the front camera, it gives you an error message, you should try to do several things: Restart your phone. This will shut down any interfering apps that could be causing the camera to not be reached. Make sure the apps that you are using and the phone itself are up to date. Sometimes an update helps fix any software issues that may creating glitches when using the camera. Is your phone on low battery? Charge your phone to more than 50% before you attempt to use the camera again. Your phone has a power saving mode that may shut down the camera in order to ease the drain on the battery.

Hi,My motog 1st gen's keypad won't show up and bcoz of this am not able to get into my phone since it is password protected..Is it corrupted?? Please help

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