This guide will provide the steps for connecting your calculator to your computer.



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  1. Download the software to allow you to connect your calculator to your computer from the Texas Instrument Website: http://education.ti.com/calculators/down...

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  2. Make sure you have a TI USB cable to connect your calculator and computer
    • Make sure you have a TI USB cable to connect your calculator and computer

    • The ends of the cable should look like those in this picture

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    • Insert the plug into the the slot at the top of the calculator.

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    • Connect the calculator to the computer through the USB port

    • Through the TI connect program you are ready to perform actions such as viewing your calculator display on your computer screen

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This didn't work for me. According to the ti download page for the software the NSPIRE is not listed as a supported device. It appears that the software for the NSPIRE is not free.

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the software link is wrong

here is the correct one


Maximman101 - Antwort

the link is denied,

Fashion - Antwort

The link is denied

Fashion - Antwort

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