Diese Anleitung zeigt dir, wie du die Joystickabdeckungen reinigen oder austauschen kannst.

  1. Entferne die vier 6,0 mm PH00 Schrauben, die die hintere Abdeckung am Controller befestigen.
    • Entferne die vier 6,0 mm PH00 Schrauben, die die hintere Abdeckung am Controller befestigen.

    • Die Schrauben nicht mit Gewalt lösen, da dies die Gewinde dauerhaft beschädigen kann, wodurch die Entfernung unmöglich wird.

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  2. Beginne am linken Handgriff:
    • Beginne am linken Handgriff:

      • Quetsche den linken Handgriff um ein Öffnungswerkzeug einsetzen zu können.

      • Zwänge ein Öffnungswerkzeug in die Öffnung und schiebe es in Richtung Joystick.

      • Drücke das Werkzeug nach unten bis der Deckel abspringt.

    • Wiederhole das Ganze für den rechten Handgriff.

    Shoulders are where L1/L2/R1/R2 are, not the %#*@ handles. Confusing instructions.

    foxhoundunit89 - Antwort

    Quick tip: Be VERY careful at this step not to dislodge the tiny spring attached to the L2/R2 buttons. While removing the cover, it's easy to pull off either L2/R2 button. Inadvertently pulling off either button will also remove the tiny spring as well. While not too difficult to reassemble, it's not obvious where the spring goes as the spring is almost completely hidden along the side of the button (on the inside).

    I just successfully completed analog stick replacements for two controllers. I completed the first repair without any trouble but managed to dislodge (and almost lose) the spring on the second time around. Needless to say, I spent some time trying to figure out where the spring is supposed to go (no photos of this anywhere). By sheer luck, I figured it out on my own. :)

    Good luck and take your time--especially the first time!

    Michael Whang - Antwort

    couldn't have posted pics for me? :D

    kimsballs -

    Golden tip but I would add a thing or two.

    Most probably both triggers R1&R2 will stay in lower half of the pad case with springs hanging there.

    You must take them of their lower case sockets before assembly and fit them bellow L1&L2

    When you feel click when fitting them and spring works like on normal assembled pad you're done.

    If thats not the case do not try to assemble lower casing half as triggers will not work properly.

    Simon -

    if you lost the springs unfortunately, the triggers would still work but it is harder to get to the precise digital press. In other words you will have hard time to create a light press than a hard press.

    meaningless -

    • Zwänge das Öffnungswerkzeug in den Spalt zwischen den Gehäusehälften und drücke ihn nach unten um das Gehäuse in der Nähe folgender Knöpfe zu öffnen:

      • Teilen Knopf

      • Optionen Knopf

    • Nimm die Plastikdeckel auseinander, achte darauf, dass immer noch Flachbandkabel daran hängen.

    • Drei kleinere Teile fallen dabei oft ab. Damit du sie nicht verlierst, musst du für eine aufgeräumte Arbeitsfläche sorgen.

      • Zwei Federn an den Auslösern.

      • ein graue Verlängerung für den Reset Knopf.

    You can't just pull the casing halves apart. There is a plastic bar that is part of the casing and separates the L1 and R1 buttons from the L2 and R2 buttons. To get this loose, pull the casing outward perpendicular to the L and R buttons until you can slide the L2 and R2 buttons from behind the plastic bar.

    dzturbd - Antwort

    SO yesterday replaced the thumb stick on my controller, and now the R2 button is stuck, know any way to remedy this?

    ScootsMcgoots -

    I know you put a warning, but I lost the grey reset button extension. Any idea where to get a replacement part?

    miamiman77 - Antwort

    Hey, not even sure when you wrote this, but wanted to share my solution for this problem. I lost one of my reset button rubber pieces when I was doing a different repair, and found that a standard bamboo skewer is just about the perfect diameter to function as a replacement. Just cut it to the proper length and you should be able to get it in there and get your reset functionality back.

    tcbrekke -

    You don't really need it. A long paper clip will work fine.

    Ron Smith - Antwort

    I've removed and changed all buttons all seemed ok but now the options and share button don't work, as in when I pressed them down there is no longer a click (bounce) I'm certain it's back in the correct place and I don't think they can be put the wrong way up, does anyone have any advice please :)

    Rachel - Antwort

    My share button stopped 'clicking'. When I stripped the controller down I noticed a small copper coloured dimple on the motherboard was depressed instead of proud like the one for the options button. With bluetack I was able to pull it out but each time I tested it with my finger it clicked once and stayed depressed. I don't think there is a permanent solution to this as it's probably metal fatigue or similar so i put a tiny bit of blue tack overy the dimple so the plunger could push that bit further and hopefully pull it out each time. Seems to work as I reassemble the controller. Fingers crossed it holds out a while! I'd love to know if someone else had a different solution.

    The5HD -

    I had an extra part, and it wasn’t gray. Thank goodness for the picture of the black one. It’s rubbery. The small end should be inserted down towards the gold colored spot. It’s next to the word RESET on the mobo.

    J Coyote - Antwort

    When reassembling: If, like me, your R2/L2 buttons stayed with the bottom of the controller when you took it apart, it will be impossible to reassemble and get the tiny springs back in place.

    To remedy, remove the buttons, and attach them, with the springs correctly placed, to the top of the controller. There are two tiny grooves, one on the button, and one on the controller top, into which the spring fits.

    Jeff Human - Antwort

    Jeff, we owe you a six pack for this comment.

    James Goldie -

    Thank You!! The spring came out and I looked for a way to reinsert it. So I led a thread through its opening (so it couldn´t jump away), and compressed it with pliers. So it was easy to put it in.

    VauWeh -

    • Löse das Flachbandkabel an der Hauptplatine, welches die beiden Hälften des Controllers verbindet, indem du es mit deinen Fingern gerade herausziehst.

      • Beachte, dass die Ausrichtung des Kabels in die richtige Richtung zeigt, wenn du es wieder verbindest.

    • Nachdem du die beiden Teile getrennt hast, lege das Oberteil zur Seite.

    can you share the battery dimension?

    luxusmirajane - Antwort

  3. Frohes Fest, frohes Tüfteln
    Pack's ein, pack's aus, pack's an: Erhalte 12 € Rabatt auf deinen Einkauf ab 50 € mit dem Code FIXMAS12
    Frohes Fest, frohes Tüfteln
    Pack's ein, pack's aus, pack's an: Erhalte 12 € Rabatt auf deinen Einkauf ab 50 € mit dem Code FIXMAS12
    • Löse den Akkustecker vorsichtig mit einer stumpfen gewinkelten Pinzette, indem du diese an den Seiten des Steckers ansetzt.

    • Wenn der Stecker von der Hauptplatine gelöst ist kannst du den Akku herausheben.

    • Zu ruckartiges Herausziehen des Steckers kann die Plastikteile des Steckers verbiegen.

    For the replacement battery I found that the Turnigy 2000mAh 1S 1C Lipo w/ 2 Pin JST-PH worked perfectly while also being a budget option at only $2.54 USD before shipping. However ONLY INSTALL AFTER CHANGING THE POLARITY OF THE CONNECTOR, this can be done with a pin or craft knife with relative ease. After doing this the controller has doubled in battery life. It required no modification to the controllers internals only extra care to ensure the longer cables didn’t get pinched in reassembly.

    Ryan - Antwort

    • Entferne die einzelne 6,0 mm Kreuzschlitzschraube die sich unter dem Batteriehalter befindet mit einem Schraubendreher #00.

    • Löse die Schraube mit viel Gefühl und nicht mit Gewalt. Du könntest sonst das Gewinde beschädigen, dann lässt sie sich garnicht entfernen.

    Hello. I got a new graffiti controller (without hardware) and i wanted to switch my parts in the graffiti one. I have a PS4 Controller. Not a slim. But it seems like my motherboard screw is on the other side.. its on the right side of the motherboard and my graffiti is on the left.. what controller do i need to fix this?

    TheTechnoMan - Antwort

    • Löse das Flachbandkabel vomTouchpad zur Hauptplatine mit einer stumpfen Pinzette. Das Kabel ist an der Platine mit einem Verbinder angeschlossen, den man zum Lösen bzw. Befestigen klappen muss. Beim Wiederzusammenbau musst du den Plastikeinsatz vorsichtig von der Platine abziehen und der Klappverschluss muss offen sein.

    Be very careful when you detach the touchpad ribbon. You could disconnect the other end that is inside the touchpad. In fact I would recommend you use a plastic spudger to release the clips on the sides of the battery holder, and then lift the latch to the ZIF socket of the touchpad. If your touchpad is not working upon reassembly, then the other end of the ribbon cable my have came loose in the touchpad. Use a plastic opening tool to remove the back of the touchpad, and lift the brown latch of the ZIF socket and reinsert.

    Patrick - Antwort

    thanks for the advice

    TMC -

    currently doing this and have found the desoldering part the most difficult. i purchased a 40w solder on sale and attempted to remove with flux and wick to no avail. a buddy of mine tried with his station and no dice. at this point im thinking the contacts are lead? any advice?

    swammieslippyslappy -

    So the springs are annoying couldn't see were you talk about these as it's very fiddly to do the last step of putting it back together. Not just a reverse of taking it apart!

    Frank Theplank - Antwort

    I concur. The springs are the worst part of this job. It would be nice if someone edited this to add some tricks for reassembly.

    raysmalley -

    You just have to put the r2/l2 buttons on the top side. There's a space around that white rubber thing where you can just snap them in. So that you have all the shoulder buttons together before putting the 2 parts back together.

    Flow Von D -

    Tilt your controller and trigger so the triggers are pointing to the ground it stops the spring popping out so much place spring inside the trigger and clip on thats how i do it anyway :) the touchpad is my problem area replaced my stick covers and now it just doesnt work at all :(

    drwhatfunk -

    Thank you for this recommendation. Made disassembly SO much smoother.

    jeninholland02 - Antwort

    What I did for the Springs was place the spring on the button. Turned the button to where the spring is up on top then attached the button to the controller this helps keep the spring in place as you reattach it that is really the only trick that I found to it.

    Matthew Luna - Antwort

    • Hebe vorsichtig die Haupteinheit vom vorderen Gehäuseteil weg.

      • Die Vibrationsmotoren sind nur lose am Gehäuse befestigt. Du erleichterst das Trennen, wenn du an den beiden Enden unterstützst.

    • Wenn du die Haupteinheit entfernst darfst du sie dabei nicht umdrehen, sonst fallen die Tasten und ihre Abdeckungen heraus.

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    • Wenn du den Controller ganz zerlegt hast siehst du folgende drei Teile vor dir:

      • Die Haupteinheit

      • Vorderes Gehäuseteil

      • Hinteres Gehäuseteil

    One day my R2 trigger refused to work all in a sudden. The second day it spread to my square button. I dissembled the controller to this step and found some liquid between the green motherboard and the black plastic holding it. I should not have bought a second-hand especially for a launch version. Anyways I cleaned it up and it still didn't work. I then went to ebay and bought a new motherboard. Basically it is a piece of delicate plastic like PCB. It is held in place by 3 plastic columns and 3 gaps for sliding underneath both triggers and the touch pad. Sorry for no pictures but a careful removal of the old one would give you the best illustration of how to put the new one back. First remove the rubber pads of the triggers, which allows you to slide in the PCB. Then there are another 2 small plastic columns at the back of the gap near the touch pad. There is no need to detach the rotors. A pair of tweezers would help greatly. My controller now works perfectly like new and thanks to the author.

    meaningless - Antwort

    • Ziehe die Abdeckungen über dem Joystick mit den Fingern gerade von dem Stift auf der Platine herunter.

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So I followed all the steps, got the sticks in. But when I put the controller back together it Wouldent turn on. Do you guys have any clue as to what it could be?

blscott2270 - Antwort

Same exact thing happened to me, just wouldn't turn back on

Andrew Purcell -

Me too and all the reconnected cables are connected correctly, but it just won’t work.

Andy Hui -

Hope you guys still keep the parts, since the problem can be resolved by following the post below successfully. :)


Andy Hui -

i think you didn't put a wire in

Gabrys Holcman - Antwort

Does this fix the issue with worn out sticks? Mine currently at idle will get stuck slightly pressing to the left, (in game, I'll be cruising left at a snail's pace) and pressing up/forward or sometimes pressing to the right doesn't fully work (in game this causes me to either not move at all, or move at about 2/3rds speed).

I've had them for about two years now, and they have seen some rigorous use, I tell you what. It is beginning to affect gameplay pretty badly, though.

doomjockey5000 - Antwort

The options and share button are loose when I try to put it back together any suggestions?

bdj1293 - Antwort

Thank you for the guide - it helped me fix a beaten up DS4 controller I found on the flea market. However, it would be nice to explain a bit more in detail how to crack the case pieces open. Some detailed pictures with the different inside clips and hinges would be nice. Also, there is no explanation as to how to assemble the L2/R2 triggers back together. Last, but not least, there is no explanation as to how to remove the battery tray, in order to connect the touchpad to the motherboard.

Vlad Mocanu Alexandru - Antwort

It actually opens quite easily. I'm female with shaky fingers and didn't have a plastic pry tool. Broke the last one opening iPhones. I took a very small flat too screw driver from my electronic tool set, stuck it in at the same spot he showed and just gently pried all around. It opened fairly easily with nothing breaking. When it was almost all the way open I did go to the opposite side and gently loosened up thevither end, just so it would open straight. It's easy as long as you are gentle with it

Dagmar Kugler -

If parts to the controller should be replaced how would you know? Is there a circuit test proceedure for the mother board? How would you know to replace other items when you are disassembling the controller? Thank you for the assistance with my controller and your time you have taken to help. Have a great one!

bonnie.anderson59 - Antwort

Thank you for the guide !

julio rosica - Antwort

PSA: If you pry open your controller from the sides as this guide recommends instead of the middle, you will create a hairline fracture because of prying against the hinges/locks on the inner sides of the controller.

Instead, open your controller from the middle to release the hinges first, after which you can pry open the entire bottom of the controller on both sides.

I have a black DS4 so it’s not the end of the world, but it’ll be very different on a non-black controller.

Niclas Darville - Antwort

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