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Cleaning the cartridge slot will fix most of the problems with the Nintendo 64.



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  1. How to clean the Nintendo 64 cartridge slot, How to clean the Nintendo 64 cartridge slot: Schritt 1, Bild 1 von 1
    • Open the slot with your finger. Blow along the length of the cartridge slot with the air duster.

  2. How to clean the Nintendo 64 cartridge slot: Schritt 2, Bild 1 von 1
    • Moist a q-tip with rubbing alcohol. Rub it along the length of the cartridge slot.


If cleaning the cartridge slot worked, you should be able to insert a game and play normally. If the game still does not boot normally, check to make sure the pins are not damaged, and that the cartridge does not need cleaning.

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Oh, my God! I really didn't think the alcohol thing would work (actually, I thought it was going to scr#w my nintendo), but it did! Thank u so much!

silvestrerenata - Antwort

I'm a Iittle skeptic to use rubbing alcohol on my N64 system and games are you 100% sure it works and won't give me any problems downs the road.

James Hernandez -

You should use isopropyl alcohol, it’s 90% alcohol and drys very quickly. I usually dunk a q-tip in, tap it against the bottle to remove any excess, then clean the surface. As long as your not pouring the alcohol directly onto your electronics you’ll be fine.

Adam -

This works because water and other liquids contain minerals that are conductive, thus, by having it on a running electronic device, it will cause a malfunction/short, whatever you call it, HOWEVER, if the device is off, no electricity is flowing, thus the rubbing alcohol does what you want it to, and removes all the dirt and grime preventing your games from playing..

Bloxy -

This was great!

notoriousVKC - Antwort

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