A guide on how to replace the individual keys on a Lenovo ThinkPad E540 laptop.


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  1. Push the battery release switches away from each other.
    • Push the battery release switches away from each other.

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  2. Remove the battery.
    • Remove the battery.

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    • Push the keyboard forward towards the display to create a gap above the trackpad.

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    • Remove the four 1mm Phillips #00 screws found hidden underneath the keys.

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    • Tilt the keyboard forward from the top and lift gently.

    • Dont pull too far because there is a cable attached to the back.

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    • Use a spudger to lift the black latch on the ZIF connectors.

    • Remove the blue and purple ribbon cables from the ZIF connectors.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Thank you for posting this guide. I was able to comfortably replace my keyboard on a Lenovo E540 Thinkpad after I spilled a full glass of water on it. I was able to get a replacement keyboard via AliExpress for $25.84USD -- I initially considered buying a replacement from eBay but the keyboard prices were half of the laptop's current value, which is a bit silly.

Thank you Timothy Sumner, you’re a legend! :)

Zeeshan Muhammad - Antwort

These instructions are miserably wrong for the model E540 20C6-008SUS. The keyboard is completely covered by a plastic grid that fills the large gaps between the keys. The keyboard hold-down screws are hidden by this grid. YOUR OWN PHOTO CLEARLY SHOWS THIS ! Furthermore, the keyboard can not be pushed “forward towards the display to create a gap above the trackpad “ simply because the 4 screws are holding it solidly in place. This plastic grid must be carefully pried up and out to expose the keyboard screws enough to be able to get a screwdriver in position over the screw heads.

Hewey Dewey - Antwort

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