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  1. Drehe die PS3 um und lege sie sorgfältig ab.
    • Drehe die PS3 um und lege sie sorgfältig ab.

    • Ziehe vorsichtig den Garantieaufkleber vom unteren Gehäuse ab, um an die darunter verborgene Schraube zu gelangen.

    • Um zu verhindern, dass beim Aufkleber die Schrift *VOID*, also "ungültig" erscheint, den Aufkleber vorher vorsichtig erwärmen. So kann man ihn sauber entfernen und wieder aufkleben.

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  2. Benutze die flache Seite eines Metallspatels, um die sieben Schraubenkappen an den Kanten des unteren Gehäuses herauszuhebeln.
    • Benutze die flache Seite eines Metallspatels, um die sieben Schraubenkappen an den Kanten des unteren Gehäuses herauszuhebeln.

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    • Schraube die sieben 37 mm langen Kreuzschlitzschrauben aus dem unteren Gehäuse heraus.

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    • Schraube die vier 13,3 mm langen T8 Torx Sicherheits-Schrauben unter der Öffnung des BD Laufwerkes heraus. (Einige Modelle haben nur drei Schrauben)

    Its 4 screws beneath the blu-ray

    Manuel - Antwort

    Remove the four 13.3 mm T8 security Torx screws beneath the Blu-ray drive opening.

    Daniel Tlapa - Antwort

    Can we edit this to say 4 screws?

    revanantwraith - Antwort

    I made the change from three to four screws, but you're able to edit the guides as well. If you want to edit something, you can click the Edit link on the right side of any guide step, or the Edit link at the top right of the page (sandwiched in-between View and History).

    Taylor Arnicar -

    Do you guys have a guide for the PS3 Slim Model 3001A. The fan is different than this model.

    emknight04 - Antwort

    3001a is basically same motherboard but cheaper plastic bd drive other than that its exactly the same until you get to the new slim line

    Robert -

    Anyone know an online retailer with a competitive price for the replacement fan?

    Jared - Antwort

    My PS3 had only three Torx screws. Having four in the diagram was initially confusing. Obviously they made a mid-stream change at some point (mine is several years old now).

    corygbooker - Antwort

    I've accidentally removed the ribbon cable from the blu-Ray drive and can not seem to figure out how to reconnect it. Can anyone help?

    OneIfByLand - Antwort

    Take the top off the drive, connect the ribbon to the motherboard then replace the drive sliding the ribbon through the slot on the bottom of the drive and reconnect to the laser.

    KcXbox Repair -

    pls help i have to tear down my ps3 slim but the 4 srews are very hard to take it out because there is a needle in the middle pls hep

    Vincent Brabandt - Antwort

    If the screw has a pin in the center, that means it is a security Torx meant to prevent tampering. To remove this screw, follow the guide I have linked below...


    Telpack - Antwort

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    Frohes Fest, frohes Tüfteln
    Pack's ein, pack's aus, pack's an: Erhalte 12 € Rabatt auf deinen Einkauf ab 50 € mit dem Code FIXMAS12
    • Hebe den Deckel zuerst an der hinteren Kante an und klappe ihn nach vorne.

    • Hebe jetzt den Deckel der PS3 vollständig ab.

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    • Drücke die Rasten an der Netzeingangsbuchse und ziehe sie gerade vom Netzteil hoch.

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    • Ziehe den Stecker der Gleichstromversorgung an den Kabeln gerade hoch und aus dem Sockel am Netzteil.

    Those two screws are tight down there what do you recommend I use?

    Megan bronner - Antwort

    • Das Netzteil ist mit zwei 7,6 mm Kreuzschlitzschrauben am unteren Gehäuse befestigt. Drehe sie heraus.

    Question: if a screw doesn't come out, what do you recommend, without potentially damaging the system, inside and out?

    kramiz2488 - Antwort

    It seems these can be quite tight, but they did come loose with someextra force in my case. They did that thing where it makes cracking sounds, but nothing really breaks. They're just really tight in there. - I just wouldn't recommend taking these out too often.

    Michael Hendriks - Antwort

    • Hebe das Netzteil an der - von vorn gesehenen - linken Kante hoch.

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    • Hebe das Netzteil weiter an der linken Kante hoch, bis sie sich von den Metallstützen löst, so wie im zweiten Bild zu sehen.

    • Entferne das Netzteil von der PS 3, achte darauf, dass sich keine Kabel verfangen.

    It seems it kind of ends for me here. I can only lift the left side about an inch and then the right side stays down like it’s stuck to something underneath. It feels like I’m bending something. Could something have melted underneath?… It's really stuck, I can't get it to come loose. And I can't see much shining a light into it either. - Any tips?…

    Michael Hendriks - Antwort

    I had the same issue but was able to get it off. The right side (as per the above picture) has two long column like sections that actually goes into the machine. Took me a bit of wiggling and some brute force.

    Ivan Amaro - Antwort


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Hello, my question is I have an american ps3 which works on 110 volts and I'm in europe where they use 220volts so if I plug my ps3 without any converters will it burn or will it wor? Because I have a laptop and it works fine will my ps3 work like that aswell?

Remigijus Untulis - Antwort

Perhaps, you should check the model of your PS3 and verify online. I have the CECH-2501B model (110v) but I use it in Nigeria (220v).


Need help with console or trouble shooting the problem I am in the repair and purchased used or damage consoles even get it In way I can be able to talk to people who is looking for trouble shooting on phone or email or u to choose. But any console or device I am interested in buying it so I have it on hand I have seen people pay way more 4 the part. Wene it is sometimes. New or used Console r cheaper to get the whole different devices then part for the console

Jason Ellis -

More to my comment I can be able to talk or text or email. SO you can do it yourself and it's not to bad to diy and your up to run the console after u fixed it. Do I you self. (Diy) even if people walk through it step 4 step.

Jason Ellis -

I have a PS3 Slim (CECH-3004B)

Can I install any PSU what is made for PS3 slim?

Or I should make a research what kind of PSU can be installed into my model (CECH-3004B) ?

Thank you for your help in advance ^^

Jani - Antwort

My ps3 2501A was dropped while moving now it wont show up o the screen or turn off .. What can it be ?

Wendy Hernandez - Antwort

Hello i was moving and my ps3 slim 2501A was dropped now it wont show up on the screen nor will it connect on hdmi or usb or anythig and it wont turn off alone what can it be?

Wendy Hernandez - Antwort

i have a ps3 i bought it from the uk and i am in the usa the ps3 is 220 ait wont stay one what should i do, should i buy a 110-220 power supply

kenny jean - Antwort

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