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A widescreen 15.4" notebook computer by Compaq released May 2006.

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computer doesn't start up

It wont start up. Only see a blinking cursor on a black screen. By pressing F10 while booting up I enter the setup. Here I see for the diagnose the options for selftest harddrive. Everything seems ok. I try to reinstall the windows xp by cd. The cd starts up but then the computer says there is no harddrive. What can go wrong?

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De Cuyper, sounds like a bad hard drive to me. Try to see if the hard drive shows up in the BIOS. Make sure it is properly connected. Most likely so you will need a new hard drive.

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In the bios I can check if there should be a problem with my HD. This seems to be ok. But when trying to install the windows XP the computer sais there is no HD. I connected the hd extern and I can see the HD is ok.


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