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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Amar Mandal ,


Same problem occurred with me( Moto X Play).

My phone was not charging, it was stuck in some percentage and was not increasing or neither decreasing while plugged in  to charger. But when i put it into recovery mode, it charges. But that was not the solution to the problem.

So, i have tried factory reset.

but problem was not solved.

i googled for the solution, but couldn't find the right solution. And i was stressed (I have a girlfriend, and living in very distance relationship, for me a smartphone is very important).

And was thinking of buying a new phone but not the Motorola, but couldn't afford at the time.

At the same time, i thought of repairing it by myself, by fixing the battery properly.

Without thinking about voiding the warranty and Motorola support, i unbolt every screw of the phone. and finally , finally, finally i made it by removing the battery and fixing it again(charger was plugged while removing the battery and fixing, and phone switched off while removing).

And now my phone is charging properly.

Hope I have helped every person concern to this same problem.

Thank you