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Hello People,

my Girlfriends Macbook Pro 15” (2017) started having the same issues yesterday. She flipped the display open and suddenly horizontal flickering lines and a big green bar on the right hand side of the screen appeared. Additiononal to that there’s a noticable noise coming out of the body of the compter - from the hinge, on the left hand side. The lines fade at a certain angle, with the noise still noticable. This leads me to believe theres a problem with the connection, hence the buzzing noise.

I’m pretty angry because of this issue. Thankfully I’m in europe so we’ve got a two year sort-of warranty for every product purchased. I only need to file a formal complaint with the shop I bought this machine from and proof that this is an issue that was causes through normal use. Is there anything that would help me with this? Would an authorized technitian confirm that to me?

Plus: Through a quick research I see the same problem appearing more frequently in forums over the course of the past months. People keep describing the aforementioned issue. I’d say that there’s another design flaw apple has to deal with  through a replacement program.