Inspired by @oldturkey03's Guide on Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen I decided that this may be useful for new users! accepting answers allows other users who have the same issue as you to quickly find what fixed your issue, and most likely theirs too!

  1. Here is your question.
    • Here is your question.

  2. Looks like someone has a solution!
    • Looks like someone has a solution!

    • You use this solution and it solves your issue! YAY! Not done yet though!

    • The big blue button that says Accept Answer is what you want to click.

    • All Done!

    • Now the person who answered knows that his/her answer is correct and helpful.


Thank you for using iFixit.com for help!

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This should help a lot of people Hopefully. :)

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