On the top of the NutriBullet powerbase, there are three white activators that initiate the active blending process. This replacement guide will provide instructions on how to replace these activators.


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Unplug the device from the wall and turn the powerbase upside down.
  • Unplug the device from the wall and turn the powerbase upside down.

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Use a #2 Phillips Head Screwdriver to unscrew the four 10 mm screws located on the bottom of the power base.
  • Use a #2 Phillips Head Screwdriver to unscrew the four 10 mm screws located on the bottom of the power base.

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  • Use slight tension to remove the plastic base from the NutriBullet once all of the screws are removed.

  • Once the plastic base is removed, there is a fan located in the center of the powerbase. Make sure the cord does not get caught or frayed by the fan.

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  • Lift the power cord to remove it from the side slot on the curved base.

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  • Use a #2 Phillips Head Screwdriver to remove the two 10 mm screws that secure the white bracket down.

  • The white safety bracket holds the cord down. After removing it, the cord will be loosened.

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  • Use a #2 Phillips Head Screwdriver to remove the three 10mm screws that keep the base in place.

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  • Use slight tension to remove the curved base by lifting it upward off of the outside casing.

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  • Wiggle the outside casing upward until it separates from the powerbase.

  • Hold the ring at the bottom of the powerbase to receive a better grip.

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  • Place the NutriBullet powerbase on the table so that the white activators are visible. Remove the three rubber protectors from the activators using either tweezers or your fingers.

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  • Remove the three 15mm screws with the Philips Head 2 Screwdriver.

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  • Turn the NutriBullet powerbase upside down and remove the plastic casing by lifting it up.

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  • Determine which activator(s) fail to work by applying pressure to them. Then, remove the two 15mm screws that hold the activators in place by using the Philips Head 2 screwdriver.

  • There are a total of three activators on the device.

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  • Using slight tension, pull the loose activator from the slot.

  • The white plastic activator should fall out and they can now be replaced.

I'm missing one of the 3 activators. How can it be replaced? Called customer care and was told they do not sell the activator caps and I would have to buy the entire motor base for $50. I just need one little plastic activator! Any suggestions?

reneemccown - Antwort

That does not make me feel confident. One of my activators stopped working, so I can't even push the container on to activate it. not happy with maybe having to buy the whole machine again.

the_journeyman333 - Antwort

One activator stopped working and I can’t blend. This happened to mine and I didn’t use it that much. I won’t buy another one. Thanks.

regina cross - Antwort

Has anyone been able to buy an activator in the UK? if so where can I get one?

iva - Antwort


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Seems to be almost complete info, however, where and how do I get the replacement parts?

Thank you!



Glow Wo - Antwort

Could you please let me know where I might be able to obtain replacement activators? Mind broke when cleaning the machine.

Ron - Antwort

Thank you. I would have went nuts looking for the screw under the rubber pieces. Would have probably destroyed the whole machine.

Joe Bailey - Antwort

Thanks for the demonstration!

D S Jones - Antwort

Perfect! Nice little machine that can still be serviced, unlike most of what is made today.

cward6681 - Antwort

Thank you for this guide! So happy to have fixed it myself and gave my bullet a nice cleaning in the process :)

hanna.parka - Antwort

Excellent guide - thanks. Our nutribullet was incredibly stiff and hard to operate... taking it apart allowed me to properly clean it and now it works perfectly.

*** NOTE: be careful when reassembling as there is a specific orientation of the outer casing. Refer back to the position of the plug housing in step 1. I assumed the housing could go on any way and had to take it apart again. ***

Matt McCourty - Antwort

Thank you! I was able to fix the activator, with was stuck on all of the filth inside. They really should improve these blenders, so the smoothies do not drip and collect in the motor and everything else. It works great now, but what a disgusting experience... I plugged the little draining hole up. Eew

tcaraujo6 - Antwort

An easier solution is to turn the bullet upside down in a shallow bowl of boiling water. This will release the gunk in the activators. Do this until the activators are unstuck.

This is likely a stopgap solution but I prefer it!

Karen - Antwort

Note that in most case actuator replacement is not required, they jam due to liquids dropping into them (a pretty poor design if you ask me). Upside down into shallow hot water, or even a small shot of WD 40 will do the job. Fix the actuators otherwise you will break the tabs on the recipients.

Robert Courteau - Antwort

Hi, in my case the base of the activator is the one that broke which as a consequence i will have to change the complete activator.

Does anyone knows where can I buy the activators?

Ed David - Antwort

One piece of advice: Take a sharpie pen and match-mark each piece to the one it mates with as you disassemble the unit so you can put the pieces back in the same orientation. Orientation matters for the power cord to end up in the right spot relative to the bracket that secures the wires. Also take a photo of the wires before taking the bracket apart so you can remind yourself of how they went. That is not shown too well in the photos included in the instructions above.

Douglas Adams - Antwort

I was nearly in tears after my intense workout then being unable to make my smoothie for breakfast this morning!! The hot water worked perfectly!!

Debi Jattan - Antwort

Excellent explanation, thanks. I had tried cleaning and lubricating the activators without luck. This process cleared the blockage and it now works.

de_bouchi - Antwort

A+! Thanks. Your directions and the comments were spot on. Where do I get a badge?

keltonj - Antwort

When I called Nutribullet they said they do not sell the actuator part.

Debra - Antwort

I am still struggling to find an activator in the UK -can someone help me with a supplier’s telephone no or address

iva - Antwort

Just for information: My Nutibullet only had two actuators - the third one was a dummy with no switch on it. The problem I had was that the plastic holder for one of the actuators had broken so the whole assembly was moving and therefore not switching. The assembly was reattached securely using a slightly thicker and longer self tapping screw sand washers plus a couple of strategically positioned tie wraps for additional support. Really badly designed actuator holders with a couple of weak points and screws that only just engage so don’t overtighten the screws or they will just pop out of the holes they screw into. Not sure how long the repair will last or how long it will be before the second actuator holder fails. Invaluable advice above to take photos of the inside whilst dismatling and the mark the pieces to help alignment when reassembling.

Tony Czapp - Antwort

Can you make one with Nutri Bullet Select 10 Piece 1000W N9C-0907 ?

Olas cu - Antwort

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