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Die Taptic Engine produziert die Vibrations- und haptischen Feedback-Funktionen deines iPhones. Anhand dieser Anleitung kannst du die Taptic Engine in deinem iPhone 7 Plus entfernen und/oder ersetzen.

Bei dieser Anleitung muss die Displayeinheit komplett abgetrennt werden. Dies soll Schäden an den Displaykabeln verhindern. Wenn du dich sicher genug fühlst, dass du die Taptic Engine entfernen kannst, ohne die Displaykabel übermäßig zu belasten, kannst du die entsprechenden Schritte überspringen.

  1. iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen, Pentalobe Schrauben: Schritt 1, Bild 1 von 1
    • Vor dem Beginn sollte der Ladestand des iPhones unter 25% liegen. Ein geladener Lithium-Ionen Akku kann bei Beschädigung brennen oder explodieren.

    • Schalte das iPhone aus, bevor du es auseinandernimmst.

    • Entferne die zwei 3,4 mm Pentalobe Schrauben an der Unterseite des iPhones.

    • Nach dem Öffnen des Gerätes ist das iPhone nicht mehr wasserdicht. Halte Ersatzdichtungen bereit, oder sei nach der Reparatur extra vorsichtig, wenn dein iPhone Flüssigkeiten ausgesetzt ist.

    The recommendation of discharging the battery is completely unnecessary. Even a 25% charged battery can explode. Completely ridiculous suggestion.

    pargoff - Antwort

    The risk of thermal runaway on these batteries decreases with the battery's SOC (state of charge). Below 50% charge the risk is fairly low, and at 25% charge the risk of a thermal event is near zero. If I recall correctly, the same suggestion appears in Apple's official (non-public) service manuals for the iPhone.

    Jeff Suovanen -

    @jeffsu Yes, that is correct. Apple does require all certified staff to discharge the battery below 25%. This is an industry standard for all LiION batteries. If you don’t want to do this, just make sure to not puncture the battery and disconnect it first thing.

    Ben Meinhart - Antwort

    Hang on a second here, doesn’t the Ifixit part I ordered come with the seals? The display assembly? It doesn’t. Now I have to wait another week?!

    Vanessa Pinter - Antwort

    How do you turn off if the screen isn’t responding to touch?

    adam - Antwort

    The replacement battery came with the seal—but how do you put it on???

    lkollar - Antwort

    Instructions for replacing the seal are here: Austausch der iPhone Display Klebestreifen

    bester - Antwort

    I just found the instructions on how to install the seals AFTER I was completed and had to figure it out. Maybe, just maybe you should link this somewhere on the guild instead of buried in a comment. Just a thought.

    Charles Meitin - Antwort

    Step 1 is: Read through all the steps and comments or the method prior to starting on this Step 1. There's a lot of much needed information and experience that you can learn from which will reduce the chance of struggling, wasting time or even breaking your device.

    My favourites are:

    Use a hot water bottle.

    Label all screws you remove with their size and location on a piece of paper with double sided sticky tape.

    Test the lightning assembly at step 13

    There is a Standoff driver bit in the box, don't use a screwdriver.


    Neil Eriksen - Antwort

  2. iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen, Öffnen des Geräts: Schritt 2, Bild 1 von 1
    • Durch Erwärmen der unteren Kante des iPhones wird der Displaykleber weich und lässt sich leichter ablösen.

    • Lege einen heißen iOpener eine Minute lang auf die untere Kante des iPhones oder benutze einen Haartrockner, um den Kleber darunter weich zu machen.

    How long should I use a hairdryer for?

    Warren Binder - Antwort

    I used it until it was hot to the touch but not too hot where you burn yourself.

    gczarny -

    Hey, I just took apart my first iPhone 7 plus today, and it was easier for me to use guitar picks and a magic glass tool. I did tear the home flex on the screen—now I know to be more careful of that on disassembly—-~Katrina of iPad Rehab Microsoldering

    jessabethany - Antwort

    First I tried to remove the screen with the hot iOpener, but it doesn’t worked, the day after I putted the Iphone in the sun for a while and then used the hot iOpener, then the screen was easy to remove :-)

    Marc Boon - Antwort

    Get a T-shirt add heat to a lil corner of it, with either a hair straighter or an Iron , touch the T-shirt if it’s seems hot but doesn’t burn u hold that lil hot piece of T-shirt against the edge ur trying to pry open , if it’s still not opening add a I’ll more heat,

    www.tertlegerl - Antwort

    I don’t think the iOpener was effective at softening the adhesive. Using a suction cup and the spudger is good enough.

    Mac - Antwort

    I took a hot water bottle and layed it on the display of the iPhone for a minute, because I did not have an iOpener. That worked for me perfect.

    Michael Maier - Antwort

  3. iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 3, Bild 1 von 2 iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 3, Bild 2 von 2
    • Setze einen Saugnapf auf die untere Hälfte des Displays, knapp über dem Home-Button.

    • Achte darauf, dass der Saugnapf nicht auf dem Home-Button aufliegt. Dies würde verhindern, dass sich ein Vakuum zwischen dem Saugnapf und dem Glas bildet.

    • Wenn die Scheibe stark zerbrochen ist, haftet der Saugheber möglicherweise nicht gut. Klebe eine Schicht durchsichtigen Klebebands darüber, dann hält er besser. Du kannst auch sehr starkes Klebeband anstatt eines Saughebers verwenden. Wenn das alles nicht klappt, dann klebe den Saugheber mit Sekundenkleber an der Scheibe fest.

    Hi! My suction cup doesn’t work. It won’t strongly suck on my screen. Does anyone have any advice?

    kaiminliu119 - Antwort

    Heat it up just a little with a hair dryer make sure it’s flat , let it coo a bit now try it??

    robertread - Antwort

    The suction cup you provide sucks. In that it doesn’t hold. Luckily I had a set of heavy duty suction cups from when I worked on my iMac.

    Charles Meitin - Antwort

  4. iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 4, Bild 1 von 3 iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 4, Bild 2 von 3 iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 4, Bild 3 von 3
    • Ziehe den Saugnapf mit festem und konstantem Druck nach oben, bis sich eine kleine Lücke zwischen der Displayeinheit und dem Rückgehäuse bildet.

    • Führe die flache Seite eines Spudgers in diese Lücke ein.

    • Der wasserdichte Klebestreifen, welcher das Display in Position hält, ist sehr stark. Es kann viel Kraft brauchen, um diese erste kleine Lücke zu schaffen. Solltest du dabei Schwierigkeiten haben, wackle das Display etwas auf und ab, um den Klebestreifen zu schwächen, damit du den Spudger leichter einführen kannst.

    • Drehe den Spudger, während du den Saugnapf weiter nach oben ziehst, um die Lücke zwischen Display und Rückgehäuse zu vergrößern.

    Be very careful not to pull up with too much force. My screen just shattered while I was pulling up with my suction cup. (There were no previous cracks or chips or anything).

    Benjamin Pounds - Antwort

    I’m stuck on this part. I’ve heated the bottom up and attached the suction cup right above the home button, but I can’t pull it apart. I feel like I’m going to break the glass display. Tips?

    whtafrcn420 - Antwort

    Someone mentioned above, using strong tape helps .

    MajorCouillon - Antwort

    You won’t be able to put the spudger into the gap unless the phone is in a vertical position (speaker side up) in your hands.

    Mac - Antwort

    read steps 4-9 before attempting. I cracked my glass because I didn’t

    David Lei - Antwort

    My first 7 Plus opening. I pulled up the screen just enough to insert a thin guitar pick at the bottom of the phone to break the adhesive. I didn’t even create a gap as such. I then ran the pick along the sides to continue to detach the adhesive, just like iFixIt show in Step 10 for the top of the phone.

    My screen already had a crack at the bottom, near the home button, so I was nervous about pulling too hard on the screen. It had a screen protector fitted so maybe that helped keep it all together.

    iFixIt’s use of a spudger at the bottom of the phone looked hazardous to me, especially with my damaged screen.

    Big Ed - Antwort

    This must be a joke. I’ve been trying for days to pull open the iphone like this. Doesn’t work. I bent the ring on the suction cup trying to pull it off, but nothing happens, no gap, not remote possibility of a pick or spudger getting in there.

    James Osborne - Antwort

    Ended up using a blowdryer and a razor blade. Bottom got scratched up, but there was no way that fat plastic spudger was going to fit. I got the razor under the corner, from there worked to middle and twisted with repeatedly adding heat. Lots of heat.

    James Osborne - Antwort

  5. iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 5, Bild 1 von 3 iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 5, Bild 2 von 3 iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 5, Bild 3 von 3
    • Führe die flache Seite des Spudgers zwischen dem Front Panel und dem Rückgehäuse an die untere linke Ecke des iPhone.

    • Ziehe das Werkzeug von der unteren Ecke die linke Seite hinauf zu den Lautstärketasten und dem Stumm-Schalter und löse so den Kleber, der das Display hält.

    • Versuche nicht, die obere Seite des Displays abzuheben, denn diese wird zusätzlich mit Kunststoffclips in Position gehalten, die dann abbrechen könnten.

  6. iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 6, Bild 1 von 2 iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 6, Bild 2 von 2
    • Entferne das Werkzeug von der linken Seite des iPhones und setze das flache Ende in die Ecke rechts unten ein.

    • Ziehe die flache Seite des Werkzeugs entlang der rechten Seite nach oben, um den Klebestreifen zu lösen, der das Display fixiert.

  7. iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 7, Bild 1 von 2 iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 7, Bild 2 von 2
    • Ziehe am Saugnapf, um das Display anzuheben und das iPhone zu öffnen.

    • Hebe das Display nicht höher als bis zu einem 10 Grad Winkel, denn rechts sitzen Flachbandkabel, welche das Display mit dem Logic Board verbinden.

    The ribbon cable part should be said earlier instead of halfway through

    I just broke one because of it

    BrenX1 - Antwort

  8. iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 8, Bild 1 von 2 iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 8, Bild 2 von 2
    • Ziehe an der kleinen Nippe des Saugnapfs, um ihn vom Front Panel zu lösen.

  9. iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 9, Bild 1 von 2 iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 9, Bild 2 von 2
    • Fahre mit einem Opening Pick unter dem Display am oberen Rand des iPhones entlang, um den restlichen Klebstoff zu lösen.

  10. iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 10, Bild 1 von 3 iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 10, Bild 2 von 3 iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 10, Bild 3 von 3
    • Ziehe die Displayeinheit etwas von der oberen Kante des Telefons weg, um die Clips zu lösen, die sie am Rückgehäuse halten.

    • Öffne das iPhone, indem du das Display von der linken Seite her aufklappst, wie die Rückseite eines Buches.

    • Versuche nicht, das Display schon komplett zu entfernen, da empfindliche Kabel das Display immer noch mit dem Logic Board verbinden.

    So if I broke the cable that connects the display to the logic board. What replacement part would I need to order now?

    Robert Danson - Antwort

    Probably the screen

    Christian Sirolli -

  11. iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen, Batterie trennen: Schritt 11, Bild 1 von 1
    • Entferne die folgenden Dreipunkt Y000-Schrauben, die die Blende des unteren Displaykabels am Logic Board fixieren:

    • Drei 1,2mm Schrauben

    • Eine 2,6mm Schraube

    Is it really safe to lay the device fully open like a book? The cable leading to the LCD gets stretched across the sharp edge of the aluminum edge of the back cover.

    u204863 - Antwort

    Generally I'd say no, it's not safe. In reality I've seen a bit of variance in the cable length, and sometimes it'll be fine—but mostly I'd be prepared to prop the display up or hold it in place at a slight angle so it doesn't put too much stress on the cables. On prior iPhones it was easy to rubberband the display to a box or a can of soda, and something like that would probably work well here too. Use your own judgment.

    Jeff Suovanen -

    You could stick the suction cup back on, near the right side of the phone, with the blue hook oriented in such a way that it becomes a stand for the screen. That way it won’t open much more than 90 degrees, and leaves both your hands free.

    Mark -

    The tri wing screws are so hard to remove. What's the trick?

    shannon caldwell - Antwort

    At first I think I was being too careful and was getting no where. I got better results by pressing down on the screwdriver with more pressure while turning and those little screws came right out.

    LadyTech - Antwort

    I cannot remove one of the corner screws in this step and i have used the tweezers and the y000 tri tip and i am afraid that it is stripping it. is there a work around for this step?

    Katherine Monday - Antwort

    @katmonday1 No workaround unfortunately. Make sure the driver tip is in good condition and fits the screw correctly. Seat it in the screw, hold the driver perfectly vertical, press down hard (and maintain it), and turn. It’ll come out. If it’s really stripped you’ll have to get more aggressive—try one or more of the techniques in this guide or get some help. Good luck!

    Jeff Suovanen -

    my screwdriver will only remove the 2.6mm screw and not the others, what shall i do?

    AubreyG1 - Antwort

    A tip to remember which screw is which as the differences are pretty tiny: I used different colored sharpie fine-points and made a mark on the top of the screws before removing. I thought about having strips of tape that I stuck similar sizes to, but the coloring seemed to work more easily. I only did this for step 11 and it saved me down the road when trying to differentiate the 1.2 and the 1.3mm screws!

    Trey Smith - Antwort

    STOP! Before you remove Any screws, be sure to create several bins to hold the various sizes in… or mark them like Trey suggested. I failed to pay attention because I thought they were all the same… they are not. It is very hard to figure out the sizes if you remove them all and store them in a single location.

    John Grant - Antwort

    i had a piece of paper with the steps numbered that involved screws. I had double sided tape on the paper and the number of screws and thier position marked. This was so helpful in removing and then finding and installing the tiniest screws on earth. And i have TINY hands. I can’t imagine someone with large paws being able to accomplish any of this.

    Tina Matthews - Antwort

  12. iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 12, Bild 1 von 2 iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 12, Bild 2 von 2
    • Entferne die Blende des unteren Displaykabels.

    I am confused, please help. LOL the bracket, the very first one being removed. I see it has three screws the same size and one a different size? I've been trying to fix my daughter's phone and ordered a 0.6 mm Tri Wing screwdriver for iPhone 7 plus /Apple watch. It seems to fit the screws and it seems to be turning them although I can't see that well but they're not coming out. However when I used it on a smaller bracket with two screws they came right out so I'm thinking I don't have the right screwdriver I am at my Wit's End!! I have been working on this phone or attempting to for a while now. I cannot find a list anywhere of the exact size screwdrivers needed to Take apart an iPhone 7 plus. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    chris west - Antwort

    If your tri-wing screwdriver worked for other tri-point screws in the phone, then it should work for the screws you are struggling with! If it feels like the screws are spinning but not coming out, try to use tweezers to pull them out. I often struggle with tri-point screws, and need to apply some downward pressure to remove them. This can be risky though, as you do not want to strip the screw or damage components underneath the bracket. If you continue to struggle, you can give this driver and this bit a try.

    Scott Havard - Antwort

    Also be aware that the battery connector might stick to the bottom of the steel bracket. This part had me a bit puzzled at first. lol

    Just gently pry the connector off the steel bracket to release it and be sure the connector isn’t allowed to accidentally reconnect to the board.

    jeffrey griffith - Antwort

    I had to use a fingernail to dislodge the bracket. As Jeffrey said, it was apparently stuck to the connector.

    lkollar - Antwort

  13. iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 13, Bild 1 von 3 iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 13, Bild 2 von 3 iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 13, Bild 3 von 3
    • Mit der Spitze eines Spudgers kannst du den Batterieanschluss aus seinem Stecker auf dem Logic Board heben.

    • Biege das Anschlusskabel leicht nach unten, um zu verhindern, dass es mit der Steckdose in Berührung kommt und das Telefon mit Strom versorgt.

    You could cover the battery socket with a small piece of tape to make sure that it doesn’t accidentally re-connect. It’s not likely to, but I liked the peace of mind.

    Mark - Antwort

    on reassembly, make sure that the connector cable is back in place, along side the battery, and not up, or on top in any way.

    Sarr Sheffer - Antwort

    I slipped a small piece of paper under the flap.

    MajorCouillon - Antwort

    After this step it is worth jumping to step 36 and disconnecting the lighting connector assembly (indicated with the orange rectangle) and connecting the new cable to test it out. After attaching the new lightning connector assembly, reattach the battery, and try plugging it in to see if the new assembly works correctly. If it does, then power down the phone, disconnect the battery, and disconnect the new lightning connector assembly. Then continue. If it doesn’t work, this check will save you a couple of hours of work.

    Evan O - Antwort

  14. iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen, Displayeinheit: Schritt 14, Bild 1 von 3 iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen, Displayeinheit: Schritt 14, Bild 2 von 3 iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen, Displayeinheit: Schritt 14, Bild 3 von 3
    • Bevor du in diesem Schritt Kabel ablöst oder anschließt, musst du den Akku abtrennen.

    • Nutze das flache Ende eines Sprudgers oder einen Fingernagel, um die beiden unteren Displaystecker aus ihren Buchsen auf dem Logic Board zu hebeln.

    • Beim Wiedereinbau von Steckverbindungen, drücke die Kontakte erst an einem Ende nieder bis sie einrasten, anschließend das zweite Ende. Drücke nicht in die Mitte des Steckers. Wenn der Stecker auch nur minimal verschoben ist und du darauf drückst, verbiegt sich der Stecker und es kann zu einem unreparierbaren Schaden kommen.

    • Wenn du nach dem Zusammenbau kein Bild hast, das Display nur weiße Zeilen zeigt oder die Touchfunktion teilweise oder ganz ausgefallen ist, dann löse noch einmal diese beiden Kabel und verbinde sie neu. Achte darauf, dass sie gut sitzen.

    The note about the danger of pressing on the connector incorrectly is very legitimate. Though I find it more practical to use a wide (1.5 cm) case opener tool to press it down all at once. Minimizes risk of bending the connector.

    Talon - Antwort

    What can happen if the battery is not disconnected before the two lower display connectors?

    Alextay - Antwort

    Hello, by my expierence and what i have learned iphone repair videos you can ‘blow up’ capacitors which one in logic board, screen is sensetive with voltages and etc….

    Darius Varanavičius -

    what are my options if the display connector broke? can it be replaced or do I need to get a whole new screen?

    matomach - Antwort

    When I removed the lower display cable bracket in step 12, the top connector stuck to the bracket and became disconnected.

    Grant Crawford - Antwort

    My replacement screen wouldn't sit in the display connector properly, (wouldn't clip in both sides at same time) so I made sure it sat on one and it was lined up and got a thin piece of dense sponge and placed that over the connector, then proceeded to install the connector shield and screen works perfectly fine without a hitch. Very good tutorial just earnt me £25 lol

    Joshua Driscoll - Antwort

    have the same issue, sometimes it doesn’t sit on the left side, other time not on the other, the difference is iphone not starting at all or looping with apple logo reboot…

    ibisiki -

    Bent the pins on the connector out of place, worked them very carefully back with fine nose tweezers. This was by far the crux of the repair for me.

    nicO Gurney - Antwort

  15. iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 15, Bild 1 von 3 iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 15, Bild 2 von 3 iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 15, Bild 3 von 3
    • Entferne die drei Dreipunkt Y000 Schrauben, mit denen die Abdeckung über der Buchse für den Sensor des Front Panels befestigt ist.

    • Eine 1,3mm Schraube

    • Zwei 1,0mm Schraube

    • Entferne die Abdeckung.

    Posted a comment above on the first step. The screwdriver that I ordered Works taking out these two screens shown in the picture. However it does not work on the first bracket that needs to be removed. It seems that all screw sizes are somewhat different but I'm not finding a list showing different screwdriver sizes needed. Does this make sense? Could anybody please give me some advice on this thank you much.

    chris west - Antwort

    I know your comment was posted a long time ago but just in case someone else has the same problem, the only difference in the screws are the lengths. The ends are the same.

    mcr4u2 - Antwort

    What happens if you break “tear in half” the black tape stuff?

    assweeetasyou - Antwort

    Unfortunately if you tear the black cable you will need to replace it !!!

    Wayne Lyell -

    Chris West the screwdriver that probably came with the kit was pentalobe to get the first two screws out to open the case. you need a .6mm Y tip driver for internal. its deceptively Phillips looking but is not it only has three blades in a Y, not 4 in a +

    Jeremiah Kjensmo - Antwort

    I called the y tip a triangle tip until I read these comments. Thanks for the correction

    Kayla Tobin -

    Hello is it if I put wrong screw can damage the board?

    alicenine84 - Antwort

    Care should be taken while removing the last 1.0mm screw, on the far right in the picture. This screw is screwed into another screw (or standoff) beneath the bracket. This standoff may come unscrewed and upon removing the bracket you may find the screw and standoff are still attached to the bracket. Do not lose this part if you decide to separate them , the standoff is not a normal phillips, and may require a special driver to reinstall. I used the phillips to start it back in, and relied on the screw to tighten it upon reassembly.

    Benji - Antwort

    I know this is late bit a trick I use to put the standoffs in (had to do 2 cause someone lost the screws I was replacing) is to take the screw that goes in it srew them together loosely to give it a fake phillips head then gently screw both into the spot the standoff goes in. you can then take the phillips out (may need to put a spudger between the screw and standoff to keep the standoff down then use a tiny flathead to gently tighten the standoff down. its a few steps but makes life easier if you need to replace it quickly.

    Stephen Patterson -

    I was able to remove the first 1.0 mm three tri-point Y000 screw from the bracket but I cannot for the life of me get the other 1.0 mm screw undone or the one 1.3 mm screw undone. Any tips?

    I tried pressing down a bit harder and I even put the first screw back in to see if it helped me loosen the other two but it did not work.

    My screwdriver was doing the job up until this point, and I’m worried I’ll strip the screw if I keep trying.

    Would appreciate any advice!

    jrosegoep - Antwort

    Dear IFixit: First, I want You to know I love your repair guides. I consider You to be the absolute best repair manuals available. But, hopefully as your friend I am going to point out once the bracked is removed a 2.0 mm Standoff screw should appear. It’s 1 of 2 screws holding the Antena Flex Cable in place. Rob

    Robert Schmidt - Antwort

  16. iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 16, Bild 1 von 2 iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 16, Bild 2 von 2
    • Ziehe den Stecker der Front Panel Sensoreinheit aus der entsprechenden Buchse auf dem Logic Board.

    • Diese Steckverbindung sollte beim Wiederanschluss auch erst an einer Seite und dann an der anderen Seite zusammengedrückt werden, um zu verhindern, dass etwas verbogen wird.

    Make sure that the orientation of the cable when you attach is correct! See the picture for the correct orientation. If it gets installed 180 degrees out(i.e., the ribbon goes up instead of down, then the earphone, front camera, and Home button will be inoperative. Ask me how I know!?! Worked great when installed correctly!

    Kevin Reilly - Antwort

    Thanks Kevin. I would be stuck if I hadn't read your comment!?! Great input.

    Lukas Watts -

    That's save my life!thanks god!

    neg -

    I also made this mistake! Thank goodness it didn’t break anything.

    That Guy - Antwort

  17. iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 17, Bild 1 von 1

    When removing the old adhesive from the edges, duct tape can be useful. Simply use small strips of duct tape and your spudger to press the tape’s adhesive side carefully into the edges of the phone’s display and slowly peel the duct tape away from the display. The duct tape should pick up the remaining adhesive and carry it away from the edges. use the tip of the spudger to gently scrape away any remaining dirt or film from the crease around the edge and repeat the action with a new strip of tape to pick up any dirt, adhesive or grime from the surface. This should save considerable time.

    Benji - Antwort

    Thank you for including a link to the iPhone Display Adhesive Replacement guide, this was very helpful!

    Robert O'Brien - Antwort

    is it really necessary to remove the display? the screen connectors are delicate and I fear re-assembly errors. I changed the battery and did not remove any screen connectors. no problems.

    jacobra - Antwort

  18. iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen, Barometrische Entlüftung: Schritt 18, Bild 1 von 1
    • Entferne die folgenden beiden Kreuzschlitzschrauben, die die barometrische Entlüftung am hinteren Gehäuse sichern:

    • Eine 2,9mm Schraube

    • Eine 2,1mm Schraube

    I skipped this step and go straight to step 25. I skipped it because I couldn’t get the screws to come off. But skipping those step did not prevent me or has any detrimental effects on performing step 25.

    Jamie Liao - Antwort

    I agree, I don’t see any reason to remove the Taptic engine to remove the battery…It seems like more of a chance of screwing something else up…keep it simple…

    William Karis - Antwort

    If you’re replacing the battery, removing the Taptic Engine gives you a much better chance of removing the battery adhesive strips successfully. To keep them from snagging and breaking, you want to pull them from as low an angle as possible. With the Taptic Engine in the way, you have to pull them at almost 90 degrees, or risk snagging them on the Taptic Engine.

    Jeff Suovanen -

    i can’t get the 2.1 screw 2 come out pls help anyone

    John Bryce - Antwort

    I agree with Jamie Liao above. Skips steps 18-24 as described. Before proceeding with step 25, I heated a microwavable hot/cold compress (used to treat muscle strains). I set the iPhone back casing on the heated compress before pulling out the adhesive strips.

    Again, there is no need to do steps 18 through 24.

    Thomas Young - Antwort

    i didn’t remove this and had major issues pulling the adhesive strips out. I literally couldn’t grasp them and then when i did, they broke! UGH! I was able to complete the installation but i must have done something wrong because my phone still isnt working. It just ‘flashes’ the apple logo. Won’t do anything else. Should have just taken it in for repair. Now i have to buy a new phone anyway.

    Tina Matthews - Antwort

  19. iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 19, Bild 1 von 2 iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 19, Bild 2 von 2
    • Schiebe vorsichtig die barometrische Entlüftung in Richtung des Taptic Engine, um den Kleber zu lösen, mit dem sie an der Unterkante des iPhone befestigt ist.

    Adhesive may require a tiny amount of tugging of the barometric vent to free it…

    Sarr Sheffer - Antwort

  20. iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 20, Bild 1 von 1
    • Entferne die Entlüftung.

  21. iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen, Taptic Engine: Schritt 21, Bild 1 von 2 iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen, Taptic Engine: Schritt 21, Bild 2 von 2
    • Verwende das flache Ende eines Spudgers, um den Stecker der Taptic Engine von seinem Sockel auf dem Logic Board zu trennen.

  22. iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 22, Bild 1 von 1
    • Entferne die drei 1,5 mm Kreuzschlitzschrauben, mit denen die Taptic Engine am hinteren Gehäuse befestigt ist.

    what do you do if the top left screw is not coming out?

    Karrington Dowe - Antwort

  23. iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 23, Bild 1 von 2 iPhone 7 Plus Taptic Engine austauschen: Schritt 23, Bild 2 von 2
    • Entferne die Taptic Engine.


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is there a replacement taptic engine available to purchase?

Jody Tamplen - Antwort

Did you end up finding one anywhere?

Matthew Lafond -

you can purchase a taptic engine on the ifixit store :-)

I Malloy - Antwort

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