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Not Turning on , No Power

My laptop is not turning on. I dont see any power light or any activity when i try to turn on.

Pls help me if you can....

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What have you done/tried already??

Try this:

1/ Remove adapter and battery,

2/ press power button for 30 seconds.

Re-attach adapter but not the battery. Press power button.

If laptop works, change your battery.

If laptop does not startup, check and messure power adaptor,

eventually try another adaptor.

If this does not help,

messure power at inside powerconnector.

Good luck.

Greetz, Pierre

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I tried but it did not work ...Before I just disassemble it and after cleaning reassemble it with same way.


What was the reason to take it apart?

If it worked before, it should work again.

Check all connectors again and retry.

Good luck.


It was working but with one problem ... it was randomly turning off so i try to clean up fan and ventilator ..


have u tried to disconnect ur power jack, and powering it on with out?


You wrote:

"...it was randomly turning off..."

Was this a thermal problem?? Did your laptop overheated?

Did you put new heatpaste on the cpu when reassembling?

Hope you find the cause and can solve this issue.



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I own this very same computer, and I replaced the A/C adapter just a few months ago, when you plug the computer in, does the ring, around the power input, light up blue? Because if not, your computer is not getting a charge, so no matter what you do, it's not going to turn on. There are many guides here on iFixit on how to disassemble this computer down to the very shell it lies in, if you wan't to attempt replacing it too. I think this may be your problem, as this computer is notorious when it comes to the sensitivity of that A/C input.. I sure hope this helps.

-Samantha S.

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do u get any beeps codes? take ur ram out and see if u get a beep codes. if not most likely u got mobo issues


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