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Dieses Android Smartphone kam am 18. Juni 2013 heraus und verfügt über einen dualen Sim-Korten Support, ein 4,7" 720p Display, einen Quad-Core Prozessor und eine 2 GB RAM.

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Touch Screen Issues?

Hi, my phone is acting really strange. It has been for a while, but now I have decided to see if I can fix it. The screen will sometimes become super sensitive, as in if you try and scroll down a page, the screen won't accept the scroll, just click on what ever your finger hit first that you were supposed to be scrolling over. It also will take one tap as 2 or 3 say when typing. And very occasionally it will touch things I did not. It only happens once in a while, and oddly I have noticed it seems to only happen at night or in the evening ?

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I am such a fool. I have eventually figured out that as I always charge my phone at night, that was the issue. The phone oddly does not respond well to being used while on charge. Maybe something to do with me using an unoriginal charger? Anyway, solution being, unplug while using!

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I have this issue as well, not found a fix for it as yet.

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