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The HP Slate 10 HD features a 10.0″ capacitive touchscreen, a 5 MP camera, Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth—released in 2013.

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Broken screen HP Slate 10

I have HP Slate 10, the screen is broken, where do I get the screen and replacement instructions

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How much is the screen for the slate 10 tablet


Gave up. My SIL ordered one from China but it was a hair to big and it was not returnable. He was able to trim it with a razor so it fit and he attached it with duct tape so screen could be seen. Unfortunately I can no longer use as a touch screen and who wants to go back to keyboard for using it to read books?


Where are you buying the replacement screen and about how much do they cost?am from Cairo Egypt, I need the glass HP tablets 10Hd please


I have not been able to find a replacement screen anywhere - even HP no longer has the exact size for this. I REALLY love this tablet but the fact they pretty much offer no parts or help afterwards is very disappointing. I LOVE HP but finally gave up and bought a new tablet by another well known company. Sorry, I'm no help. But I wasted a lot of time looking for something that doesn't exist. Maybe you won't have to. Post it if you ever find one please.


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replacement is cake, and as soon as i find a replacement screen ill put up instructions

Update (10/13/2015)

I am merely awaiting the arrival of the replacement screen and the tutorial will be posted. Please bear with me until then.


Well as my replacement screen has yet to arrive, I will just post the teardown. It'll be up later today. Sorry for the delay guys.

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Hello, wondering if there is any update for the repair yet. Thank you!


Where are you buying the replacement screen and about how much do they cost?


When I originally ordered the replacement screen, there were only a few options available. I had searched everywhere, and as can be expected HP was of absolutely no help. once the (quite dense) support rep realized that my request to find a replacement screen for a HP Slate 10HD Beats Edition was for a tablet, as if it wasn't already denoted by the name, i had spent about 20 minutes talking to her, then she quite rudely told me that I wasn't gonna be able to get it from HP. I was expecting this but was just trying the most logical option. As it turned out, the only place I was able to find the exact screen I needed was Ebay, it was the only one i found and from an overseas seller. I spent over $80 for nothing. The seller said they'd send another one but neither has arrived. I am still trying to get it resolved, and expect Ebay to close the case soon and Paypal to completely refund my money. Ive never had such a hard time with any Ebay purchase. This one bugs me a lot.

but yeah..

Ebay and approx $80


Thanks Matt, for that price I think buying a used one is a better option.


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