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Von Huawei produziertes Android Smartphone, herausgekommen im Oktober 2014.

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phone keeps rebooting saying battery drained shutting down

my phone was just moving from 8 or 15% to 35% if you keep removing and placing back he charger then it shoots up to 85%, similarly it will just go down drastically. it then switched off when i plug it in on the charger it switches on and after booting just as it gets to the home screen it immediately says battery drained shutting down, then continues to do this on and on in an endless cycle connected to the charger, removing the charger it just goes off.

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Replace the battery. It's definitely done.

Be careful doing so as the battery is stuck down pretty good and removing it will rip the covering off.

Check ifixit video for disassembly of your phone.

Battery costs about 12-20US.

I wired up a Galaxy S3 battery to use in the meanwhile. Phone still dies quicker than it should but I do get a few hours use.

Walk with a battery pack for a quick charge. Lol.

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