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Released 2015, identified by model number Z812.

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How do I change the broken screen

I need to be told how to replace the screen myself

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Where can I find a ZTE maven replacement screen? Very urgent


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I'm getting the replacement screen/digitizer from a reputable US dealer on EBAY. I have watched two videos on YouTube that aren't directly related - one, disassembling the entire Maven but not specifically screen replacement. two, screen replacement of a ZTE phone, but not the Maven.

You can find these by doing a search in YouTube.

When I disassemble my phone within the week and replace the screen/digitizer, I will post it.

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It's really easy you have to buy some tools from ifixit or in your local electronic shop ,and you teardown your phone ,and you place the replacement screen.

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Is that for the maven z812???? The battery has a protective cover on it!! Help plz


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