USB port won't recognize USB device

Laptop's USB ports won't recognize when there is a USB device plugged into it and won't read the device. How to do I get the USB port to recognize the USB device?

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If the computer will not recognize a certain USB device, try another one. If the problem still occurs then I would refer to the troubleshooting page here. Any other continuing problems would most likely result in the need to completely replace the port.

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There could be several reasons why this is happening. 1. Computers USB port is damaged *Solution Try other usb ports on the computer if none work they could be broken if you know for a fact they are not broken 2. The cable my be damaged * Solution try other cables in the house on the computer and wall outlets if your wires work but the computer is still not reading the device it could be 3. Your computer dose not have the driver installed to read the device. *Solution find the driver online. If none of these work then there is a problem with the usb port and should be replaced

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