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Repair guides and support for the EOS 70D, a DSLR camera released by Canon in 2013. This camera can be identified by the model number DS126411.

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Display screen shows "white noise" image after taking picture

I hadn't used my Canon 70D in about a week. Then powered it up. Everything looked fine. When i pressed the shutter and took the picture nothing but a pixelated white image appeared on my display. I cleaned the sensor manually, checked the battery, All good. The same thing happens when I switch to video mode. I guess my question is, Do i need to replace the entire display as I've seen on a couple YT videos? Or is something else going on here? Thanks for any advice..

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Hi Mark, I might do a litte bit of trouble shooting. For example: Have you tried taking a picture while the LCD screen is switched off? Do you then get the same result? Do you have the possibility of using a different lens? Is the problem still there? Have you taken out the batteries for a minute an put them back in? Also, try to take a picture with the cap on the lens. Just some thoughts...


Steffen, Thank you so much for your suggestions. I did try removing the battery for over a min and replaced it with an official Canon battery (the original one). I flipped the LCD screen around so it faced the back of the camera and was not visible. Still no luck in producing a digital image. I don't have another lens at the moment but will be able to borrow my daughter's soon. I will still continue to research the problem. Thanks again. Mark


I have this same problem. It started yesterday. My camera -- a 70D -- has not suffered any trauma. I have tried the steps suggested by Steffen. Additionally, I have cleaned the lens and camera body contacts, used the camera to clean the sensor and have reformated my card. This is my first problem with this camera after a year of use. Also, I did get some error messages yesterday, just before the camera stopped working altogether -- I think because the battery died. Alas, I did not note any identifying numbers. At the time, I assumed it was a flash error. That has happened in the past when the pop-up flash hits the brim of my ball cap.


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Same thing has happened to my 70D :-(

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This happened to my 70D today. What's going on???


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