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The second generation (KK) Jeep Liberty, a compact 4-door SUV that restored the classic sharp lines of the original Jeep styling.

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2010 Jeep Liberty heater

Heat blows out on passenger side but not drivers side, cold air is blowing out of drivers side , doesn’t matter if it’s on defrost floor or dash all cold, got me stumped

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I have the same problem. Both heater hoses are hot so I assume the heater core is not blocked. The blend door actuator is moving as you turn the temperature dial. Can the actuator be moving and still not move the blend door?


Hi @ l218,

Might be a bit of work but you should be able to move the blend door manually with the actuator removed, so you can see if it moves freely or not.

Then you could replace the actuator and try moving it by the actuator, in the normal manner, remove the actuator again and see if the blend door has shifted


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Hi @sallad2420 ,

Check that the blend door actuator is operating OK or perhaps that the blend door itself is not stuck in the one position

Here is a video that may be of some help

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