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The ThinkPad X1 Carbon Repair can be identified by its model number: 20BS0032US. It's a first generation Lenovo laptop that was released in August 2012. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon is lightweight and portable and has a fingerprint reader addition.

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Why is my laptop doesn't turn on?

When I press the power button the lights come on but the screen is black. I heard the ventilator is working. The keyboard has a backlight but nothing is to be seen on the display. Any ideas?

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Connect an external monitor and see if there is a display on it with the laptop turned on.

If there is no display on the external monitor either then you have either a GPU or motherboard problem.

If there is a display on the external monitor, shine a torch at an angle close to the laptop's LCD screen and see if you can detect the desktop image. If it is there it will be very faint so it might be easier to try this in a darkened room.

If there is a display detected then you have a backlight problem. This could be caused by a faulty backlight power supply on the motherboard, faulty backlight power cable (maybe combined in the video cable), faulty backlight power cable connection at either end (motherboard or screen), faulty lid switch or faulty LCD screen.

The lid switch is usually a magnetically operated switch that either physically breaks the backlight power circuit to the screen when the lid is closed or it sends a signal to the BIOS to software turn off the power to the screen. The magnet is usually located in the lid of the laptop below the screen (either left or right side -don't know for your laptop) and the switch itself is in the body of the laptop.

If there is no display detected then you may have a faulty video cable, video cable connection at either end or a faulty screen.

Here is a link to the ifixit ThinkPad X1 Carbon (1st Gen) Repair guide which may be of some help.

Here is a link to the service manual for the laptop which may also help

Update (12/29/2017)

Hi ,

Here is a link that may be of interest to you.

see the post on the page by "morganae" (2nd post down the page) for a solution

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I plugged it to external monitor but nothing is showing on, so I search for the hardware solution.


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