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HP Envy 14 laptops featuring a 14" display.

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PC wont boot and is stuck on a black screen

I recently factory reset my pc because it was getting slow and i filled up most of my hard drive. After resetting, i installed a bunch of driver aswell as some games and things seemed to be going well. Last night i got home and tried to use it and no audio would play. A minute after that, it blue screened with the error “driver power state failure” and said it would restart after finding the error. Unfortunately, it reached 100% progress fairly quicky but did nothing and was still on the same screen like 10 hours later when i woke up. At this point i manually shut down and restarted and windows loaded correctly and started applying an update. Part way through the update, it blue screened again, but i didnt see the error message as i was across the room. It then seemed to restart but the hp logo never reappeared and that brings me to where i am now. Upon boot i only see a black screen, no logos, no beeps, only a faint whirr of my fans and i am unsure of what to do. Ive tried accessing bios or safemode but nothing seems to work (maybe im using the wrong key combinations?). I’ve tried unplugging the power and battery then plugging it back in and booting and that did nothing as well.

Hopefully someone has some advice

Here are my specs if thats useful:

HP Envy 14 or 15 Laptop

64 bit Windows 8.1

Has integrated graphics AND Nvidia Gforce Gtx 740m

Intel i5 2.5ghz

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Hi @twall

Since you had tried some of the ways, I think you can try removing the RAM from your laptop and see if it is able to boot, test the RAM by just installing a single stick at a time.

If the laptop come with single memory, consider loaning another memory to test.



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Driver power state failure is from the driver not being compatible with the system, that is most likely from the system not having no enough power for the drivers you're installing. If you can, refresh you're entire system again. Going into the Windows 8 settings, you can completely reinstall windows. Doing this should install all the drivers you need. Should be no reason to try install different drivers that is not necessary.

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